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i'm making a Mega Collab! i know this is not the smartest idea but i wanna see what the minds of twenty or more people can come up with! Join the group Silencer - Alpha for more details.

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Ever heard of this song? · 7:51pm Apr 11th, 2019

Now this seems random, but to be honest I need to start back up on my books and get to work on Silencer. I’ve got a lot on my plate but I can push some of it aside to make room for this site. Especially since the weekend is coming up.

Anyway, onto the topic of why this Blog was made!

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Thanks for faving Unlike Any Other!

Eh, if you say so.

I try to mention Yuggoth or R’lyeth in any of my fics I can. I hope that will protect me when Cthulhu returns.

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