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i'm making a Mega Collab! i know this is not the smartest idea but i wanna see what the minds of twenty or more people can come up with! Join the group Silencer - Alpha for more details.

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DJ-P0N3, or Vinyl Scratch, is the most respected and well known DJ around. Besting even DJ’s with the best equiptment and social status! But when a new DJ who calls himself Hex arrives and starts taking her place as best DJ, what will she do? She begins to work harder, make better music, and even use ideas from other DJ’s to improve upon her own music!

What you say will be heard in the story, this is NOT second person. Comments will be read, Quotes will be gladly spoken by OC’s you ask to be put in, and you have the power to change the outcome of the book. You decide if Hex wins or if Vinyl wins...

(This type of story will take a long time to write and i do have a minimum amount of comments to be made before i start working an a new chapter......)

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Evolution: A theory in which all life started from one organism. Evolution becomes proof and things begin to change.

Sweetie comes down with a sickness while adventuring in the Everfree, when they return to Ponyville Twilight discovers that the sickness was really a virus and was eating Sweetie alive. Twilight removes the virus but instead of getting rid of it, her curiosity gets the better of her.

Also for anyone that was wondering this story is a crossover from the game Prototype. Yea yea i know i know there are alot of stories that are crossovers with this game, but i decided to take a different view of this and make it to where the Blacklight evolved in equestria. Cash me ouside how bou dah?

this story is more of an experiment than anything. But if it gets a lot of views i’ll continue it. I found an amaizing song online and most of you have heard it but for those who haven’t its in this Link. Enjoy this experimental read!

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