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Relevant joke from current year

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Oh. Well hello there my fellow bookworm. Sorry for taking 3-ish weeks to reply back, I don´t come on this site too much anymore. I do believe it was that story, yes.

Anybody else reading this is going to be so confused.

What a coincidence, it was the civilization building and the sand box, isn't it.

Hello again. I just wanted to say that in addition to your wonderful comments, thank you for adding my story The Heart of Pleasure to your favorites! ^_^

I can certainly respect that. I think everyone on FF thinks it’s layout is garbage, too.

Is there anything else to talk about? If not, then it was good talking with you.

Fan of how to train your Dragon but don't really habe any desire to interact with the fandom. MLP was the first and only thing that has ever actually gotten me to directly interact with a fandom and I don't see much else doing that.

MLP, Fallout Equestria specifically, was the first fan fix I ever read (well listened to the reading) as I was part of that group that thought all fan fics were garbage.

I've used FF before, won't be happening again. The system is way to much garbage for me to waste time sifting through things to see if there is anything worth my time. Granted as I said never really had any desire to look for other things as I like other things but am no really a big enough fan to do anything.

  • Viewing 7 - 11 of 11
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