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Art Request Status

You can support my junk here if you wish, but for now I just take requests, not commissions.


~~Traditional artwork~~


~~Line-art, full shading, or full color~~

~~Open to: trades (preferably digital art, since I cannot do my own), will take editor or story trades~~

~~Species: unicorn, earth pony, pegasus; other species will not be done until I've had practice doing them~~


Example of my artwork:

My OCs

Emerald Rain

Art by Everfree Bliss

Art by me, vectored by Jdbener

Art by myself.

Ponytown art by me.

Onyx Dawn

Blue Seas

MLP Stuff

DISCLAIMER: These are solely my opinions. We're all entitled to them. Also, just because I say "Least Favorite..." Etc, doesn't mean I hate that thing, it means it's my least favorite. Cheers!

Favorite Mane 6 (in order from most favorite to least favorite):
Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie

Favorite Episode: Putting Your Hoof Down

Least Favorite Episode: Magical Mystery Cure

Favorite Background Pony: Octavia

Least Favorite Background Character: Bon Bon (How many voices does this pony have...?)

Favorite Ship: FlutterMac

Favorite Villain: psɔoɹp

Want to See: Mane 6 Marriages

Don't Want to See: Anymore Alicorns

Stuff I Like to write: Fluttershy fics; shipping between Fluttershy and an OC; the occasional clopfic featuring Fluttershy; one-shot comedies or SoL

Stuff I Will Never Write: Crackfics, nasty clop, excessive fetish clop, cancerous OC fics, crossovers

Welcome to my Userpage!


Grammar and Punctuation · 5:38am Jan 24th, 2017


This blog will serve as a directory for the blogs I have and will post for the grammar and punctuation lessons. I know it must be difficult and annoying to dig through all my blogs to find them, especially if you need to read up on something, so I will post links to each blog (lesson) here for your convenience. As I post more lessons, I will add the links here. Enjoy!


Read More

My (MLP-Related) Goals

These are my goals for everything and anything I do involving ponies. Help me reach them!

For the coming years:

[ ]1000+ Followers (Ayyyyyy)
[ ]Finish "366 Hours"
[ ]Admin a Group with More Than 500 Members
[ ]Have 30 Stories
[ ]Achieve EQD Greatness with a Story
[ ]Artwork Featured on EQD
[ ]Go to a Con
[ ]300+ Likes on a Story

For the next few years:

[ ]Get Married
[ ]Have a Story with 1000+ Likes
[ ]Admin a Group with 1000+ Members
[ ]Animation/Comic Series of My Story "366 Hours"

Visual Representations of Why Fluttershy is Best Pony

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Well I greatly appreciate your kind words. I never really thought my vocabulary was that good but apparently it is! I'll do my best to keep it up. Thanks again!

your stories are pretty good. You got some nice ideas.
however i feel your strongest point, as a writer, it's the vocabulary. As a non-native english speaker, you have a rich vocabulary, using words that not even i knew about it or using words that i don't saw quite often being used in fanfics here. That enhanced, in my point of view, some of your stories, especially the "Fluttershy discovers 'x' ".
keep up the good work. I am looking forward to see what you come up next dandere.


I'm glad you like it! However, I don't think I will include any sexually explicit content in that story. The sequel, though, may.

Just wondering will 366 hours have any clop if not its still a great story!

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