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I write the occasional pony story. What else could possibly matter?

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A Bit of Noise · 4:58pm Mar 26th, 2014

Things have been quiet in my tiny corner of FIMFiction for an awfully long time, so it's nice to have an excuse to make a bit of noise. Just this morning, DRWolf posted his latest dramatic reading. It happens to be for my story "Forever Young". He does a bang-up job of it. Give it a listen.

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Yup, have given and received reviews thru gDocs on the ponychan/fic/ Training Grounds. Always via comments. Have never tried chat, but am game to try. Will PM when good to go.


Sounds like a plan.

Do you by chance use gdocs? That's my preferred method of review/crititque, for the comments system as much as the chat function. PM me when you're ready to roll and I'll send ya my email address.

Thank you. I very much appreciate your offer. I welcome help on everything from corralling stray commas to untangling twisted syntax to patching ugly plot holes.

I can't take immediate advantage of your generosity, but I have a couple of scenes I'm trying to wrestle into some semblance of working order. Should that day come, expect something in your inbox.


I'm glad to hear you liked it! Bubbles was actually the source of inspiration for that PoV, so the comparison is a huge compliment.

I know exactly what ya mean--feedback is 90% of what keeps me writing, and it's always rewarding to get.

"Careful what I ask for", huh? I rarely make this offer, so take that as you will--but if ya want someone to edit a story or bounce ideas off, let me know.

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