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A pony and a changeling. Which is which?

A short tale in which awful things happen to nice ponies. Written for EqD's Nightmare Night 2012 FanFiction Contest. Cover image courtesy of InternationalTCK.

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My God.

Muahahahaha! Trust nopony!

Short, sweet, and chilling. It's a shame this one didn't make it into the Halloween finals.

I thank you and the other commenters. I count myself a winner. The contest gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get a story—one that I'm happy with—done. Enforced deadlines do wonders for my productivity.

I hate you, please write more.

Ponies? Left alive? A mere oversight, I assure you.

2590315 but they're good food when alive!

This is true. Changeling parasitism is ecologically friendly. Pony love is a renewable resource!

3123523 …which is the subject of many non dark changeling stories… and I do like them, though the general idea has been getting quite trite. Shiny wasn't exactly healthy, was he?

Author Interviewer

I kinda figured the "telltale" was changelings working in collusion. Did not expect the ending, though. :)


My computer and I have been going at it hammer and tongs for the last few days. (I understand you're experiencing a Hardware Hell of your own. You have my sympathies.) Only now am I catching up with what went on while I was busy hurling obscenities at Windows 7.

Thank you for your review recommending my story. I'm glad that the ending wasn't obvious from a mile off and hope that events were arranged so that the twist didn't seem to come out of nowhere. It ain't Poe or Lovecraft, but I think it's a decent campfire story, and Solar Pony and his collaborators do a remarkable job of bringing it to life.

listened to solar pony's reading of this.

When it got to Opal giving one Rarity a glare, i realized the one she/he (i've no idea what gender Opal is anymore) glared at was the real. The fact that twilight didn't think of that is what scares me the most... though Applejack's reveal as a changeling was a surprise i did not see coming


Ah, but it was the changeling that "Opal" glared at. Let me offer my interpretation of events:

All ponies present, Twilight included, know that Opal shows nothing but contempt for everypony except Fluttershy; therefore, when Opal cozies up to one Rarity and snubs the other, Twilight takes it as a dead giveaway (telltale) that the pony Opal favors is the changeling and zaps her/it. The twist is that the animals -- Opal, Winona, and all the other pets -- have, unbeknownst to the real ponies, been replaced by changelings acting as an advance force to gather intelligence in support of the invasion to come. (This, by the way, is how the changeling Rarity knows so much about the real Rarity.) The false Opal cozies up to the real Rarity to mislead Twilight, and the real Rarity meets her end in a blast of Twilight's magic.

Good concept, but don't changelings have difficulty changing their size? I would think morphing into a housecoat or sheepdog, which are clearly smaller than ponies, would be difficult for them.

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