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Just My Luck... · 4:36am Jun 9th, 2012

As some of you may know, the Summer Funimation Contest deadline was today. So, I decided to adapt the first two chapters of TIME into a solo episode. I was in the zone when I started writing a few hours ago. But then, guess what? My computer decided to unplug itself. Oh, that's not all, it gets much worse. In my excitement, I only saved two pages in to what was about to be a 10+ page project. Normally, I'd try to finger sprint the rest of the way, but then there's the concern for keeping the

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130686 No particular reason =3

...why the adorable yet random post?

:twilightblush: understandable. I'm still working to improve my style and dialogue as you can tell. for now...I WRITE.

22467 not necessarily, maybe I just wanted to keep tabs on it for consideration :ajsmug:

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