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We begin again.... · 2:54am Jan 17th, 2014

So yeah, I've been reviewing Trials a lot during my hiatus, and I've gotta say, I was REALLY disappointed. I mean, it just got worse and worse... Ah well. As they say in show business, "when you fall on your ass, don't waste time with the floor!" Actually, I just made that up on the fly. Kinda hoping it catches on...
Anywho, don't worry about me not posting more stories! My editor and I have been working on a new one, so maybe this one will turn out decently! Hope you guys enjoy it!

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If we're going to use a group to communicate and plan, you should try to check Fimfiction more often. Otherwise it's a right pain in the ass to get a hold of some of you.

Here's are some threads Anarchy put up that needs your attention. One you need to post in at least once and the other for your character bio.

Character Role Call

RP topic discussion

932029 Oh, SuperWhoLock is a mashup fandom of Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock. Just google it and it'll be explained better :ajsmug:

931985 If by that, do you mean that I am a fan of both series? Definitely! :pinkiehappy: If you mean something else... I have no idea what you ean! :twilightblush:

I can't help but notice that you have a Sherlock icon and upon coming here, seeing you're in the Doctor Whooves group.
Might you happen to SuperWhoLock?

Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

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