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Taking a break from Learning to work on a Holiday-themed multi-pairing shipfic. · 7:37pm Dec 3rd, 2015

As the title says, I am taking a break from working on Learning to do a holiday-themed fic. Specifically, Christmas, or since this is a My Little Pony fic, Hearth's Warming.

I may be able to have another chapter of Learning out before I publish this, but no promises.

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Thanks for the follow!

I'd reply to your comment on RealityCheck's blog post, but he has me blocked. :rainbowlaugh:

No more "popular" than it has been the last four and a half billion years. It's just that now, they're allowed to talk about it without being legally sentenced to death for the first time in several centuries.

I don't think you understand. There's these things called statistics. They're what we use to accurately determine percentages of demographics and a bevy of other things.

Since coming out stopped being a death warrant, there have been numerous surveys taken to determine how much of the population is lesbian/gay/bisexual. That number has fairly statically remained approximately 3% for the last, oh, decade and a half. People aren't learning it's okay to be gay; they're doing exactly what they wanted to do to begin with without fear of repercussion.

As far as my personal experience, a good number of the people in my school who claimed bisexuality were consistently the kids who were starved for attention to begin with and had already announced several different shocking and edgy labels for themselves, such as goth, then emo--even scene. What's bisexuality on top of all these other labels that apply to these kids? They were obviously doing it for attention, not out of some deep-rooted desire to finally declare how they truly feel. If the kids I'm referring to ever experienced anything with the same sex, I certainly was not privy to these details; they made their opposite-sex relationships quite public, though, parading one another through the schoolyard, playing kissy-face, and secluding themselves to less-trafficked portions of the school so that they would experience less interruptions to their alone time. I sure as shit didn't run across any of these "bisexual" individuals playing kissy-face with the same sex, ever.

So, the question remains: Were they faking it, or were they being genuine? I want to think they were faking it because if being bisexual means you're obviously apathetic to the same sex but you kissed another guy while you were drunk once, then it means nothing. I think that letter B in LGBT means a lot more than what they were using it for.

Thanks for the fave on Last Friday Night!

Now that I've discovered you exist, I'm gonna...uh...hm. I probably should have planned past posting a comment here.


Thank you for the fav of The Date!

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