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Moolestia is a group dedicated to an unusual ship.

Nightmare-Moon and Princess Celestia.

Because nothing's better than banging your sister's insane alter-ego.
Because nothing's better than banging your host's older sister.

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Rules are simple. No Harassing, and no submitting stories that don't apply.

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There needs to be more of this pair. I'm starting to wonder why there isn't more of this pair. She's the first villain yet the other one's are shipped with Celestia on quite a regular basis. :rainbowhuh:

Fucking love them:pinkiehappy:

So beautiful.

That is all. Equestria is ours.


331584 Why isn't your story in here?:trixieshiftright:

331583 Oh, in that case I have no idea who you are. Opsies:derpytongue2:

Like a BUS!

331582 IDK... the bus photobombed me :facehoof:

I assume its probably for Waterville, Maine

331579 You look... familiar...:trixieshiftright:
What school is that bus for?

Ok, I have named by Truck Nightmare Moon...
Now, I have to buy a white Cadillac, and name her Celestia:pinkiehappy:

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