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Ponyfiction archive is probably one of the other sites, then.

346759 He said on his tumblr that his stories are still up on pastebin and one or two other sites.


Huh. So... wait, he changed his account name to RagingSemix, then this one popped up? Yet even the real account doesn’t have any of his stories.

Any idea on what’s up? I know he didn’t have much of a presence besides his stories, then he quit writing to do art, or something... but this is him practically dropping off the face of the Earth and taking all his stuff with him.

The REAL RagingSemi changed his name. This page is a FAKE. You can find the real one using the name RagingSemix. This is the truth. You've all been trolled. Now go find the real RagingSemi using the new name.

What happened?
Why did RagingSemi delete their stories/account?

...Come on, RS, you break our hearts, build them up again, then you just... Leave?

I... I hope you’re okay.

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