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"Somepony made a group for me?"

Why--well, my; thank you kind stallion.

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YES! I knew there had to be a Peachbottom fangroup here.:twilightsmile:

334403 :fluttershysad: Sry. :c Ah neva meant ta be dat... sinister. :c

334369 *smirks nastily* Then I'll just get in th' ambush and wait... wait... wait... and then just BANG! - and leap at it, like a predator at prey! :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

334259 Srsly, I can understand any other clop. But not with Peachy. :fluttershysad:

This makes gears in my brain sparkle and go all wacky. :derpytongue2:

Beep me, when DAT STORY is ready. :pinkiesmile:

334156 Yeah! :eeyup:

But - no R34. That's my paranoia already. :C

332632I'm working on one about her claustriphobia:moustache:

Now that's it. I require MOAR Miss Peachbottom stories. Of course, with less R34 ensued. :flutterrage:

If... y'all are okay with that?.. :yay:

318548 Well... can they, indeed?

331294Cuz I'm silly and didn't realize the "main" folder no longer is added automatically:derpyderp1:

Have you found stories?:raritystarry:

Why aren't there any folders?

Yes... Yesss, I was here first :pinkiecrazy:


You don't regret anything?


"Just imagine the Dalek replaced with a Locust Boomer."

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