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Every day on FimFiction, writers post stories featuring Applejack, as well as other Apple family members, speaking in phonetic accents that are written out in an unreadable, embarrassing fashion.

The most common victim of this tragic trend is the pronoun, I: which, in such fics, is butchered into the awful "Ah".

Needless to say: it's an Ah-sore.

With your help by joining and promoting this group, we can stop the spread of this deadly condition across FimFiction.

Do it for the Apple family, y'all.

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Herar hear. I tried it once, but, having a wife who dives into AJ's kind of accent when she's angry (her mom's side is from Nebraska), it irritated the living daylights out of me.

You know, I generally don't have a problem with "Ah" itself. Granted, it does get a little grating at times, but what I'm more against is writers giving the Apples thick, unreadable accents.

There is no conceivable way that Applejack speaks that unclearly in th' show.

343033 that's better. In that case I may stay in this group. Not only does it make applejack and her family look stupid it makes every person with a southern accent look the same. So having the accent myself, I suppose this would be a group worth joining.


Eeyup. Your right. :eeyup:

*Leaves group*

Smiles was here. :rainbowkiss:

Hydran #7 · Dec 27th, 2013 · · 1 ·

You realise that's correct right? The apples all have a southern accent. Most writers can't get it right but it is the normal way they would talk. Ah, ya, ya'll, etc. are all part of the southern accent. So I'm gonna tell ya the honest truth, this group is pointless. -leaves group after rant-

Ah wonder if it would be bad taste to promote my group here....

And why stop it? It's cute.


I wish there was a way to join this group more times than I leave it. Ah kin't see uh whey, dough.

Is there anyway to donate to the cause?

I wish I could hit join more than once in this group.

Best solution: purge all mention, story, thread, blog, comment, or otherwise involving AJ, AB, or any such inflicted ponies. Quarantine the diseased from the fandumb til a cure can be researched.

I only just recently cured myself of this. It still comes back when Ah least expect it though.

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