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I've been writing and selling stories for longer than a lot of folks reading this have been alive. Check Baal Bunny for more!


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Something Fun at Kickstarter · 1:56pm Last Monday

I first met Dan Goodsell:

My freshman year in high school when we were both taking first-year Latin, and we've been in each other's orbits ever since. I probably mentioned him last year around these parts when his Mr. Toast card game won the first Hasbro Gaming Labs Challenge and got picked up for distribution by Hasbro.

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I scrawled it out in Microsoft Paint a bunch of years ago.


That sprite in your avatar, did you make it?

Hi. It's me, Shadowmane PX-41. I just sent you an e-mail asking a question about Friends Forever. I hope that you respond to it as soon as possible.

2164110 Hm. I just wanted to know if formatting the initial two paragraphs you complained about into italics (as I do for thoughts) was a better way of conveying the internal narration for you.


Much like Twilight Sparkle:

I have a list of things. That list includes writing my own stories--some Pony and some non-Pony--dealing with Equestria Daily pre-reader matters, dealing with Royal Canterlot Library matters, going to work, writing and drawing my webcomics, eating lunch, sleeping, tying and re-tying my shoes, and all sorts of other activities.

There being only so many hours in every day, I can only get to so many things on my list every day. Addressing the question you sent me in your message is on my list, and when I get to it, you'll know because I'll reply to your message. Maybe by this weekend? :twilightblush:


  • Viewing 106 - 110 of 110
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