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Fluttershy and Discord keep pushing forward with their relationship even when they have no idea what they're doing.

Especially when they have no idea what they're doing...

An entry in Imposing Sovereigns III, using the prompt Fluttershy & Discord/Determination, this story earned an Honorable Mention!

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:twilightoops: Annarchy in the Kingdom?!
:duck: Of course
:moustache: She's Futter and Discords little one
:facehoof: Oh yes their playdate
:rainbowderp: Those little brats they took over everything

This was beautifully written. You have such poetic and gloriously romantic prose. I think my heart sighed the entire time I read this.

I will admit, I was extremely confused at the beginning with the mushrooms. I thought she waa talking to Discord at first! But then as I read on, I realized that the mushrooms were a whole other entity entirely, claiming her as queen.

I love how you're able to describe what's going on within themselves, how they are just constantly amazed by each other and in awe of it. I hope that the ending implies that they're finally getting confident in their love! Are they newlyweds?

The mushrooms were such a cute little subplot. I could see this being an episode, honestly.

If I ever feel like sighing and swooning, I'll definitely come back to this gem. It's definitely a new favorite!

All hail Fluttershy, Queen of Mushrooms! :yay:

The statue in the cover art
give it to me

Ooof. There is a lot of sadness underlying these words. Both of them are so insecure. It's like they're both playing a game which at times might be fun to play but is always stressful. There is no downtime however, so the stress is always there. The cost of losing is immense, so they're always terrified of that. Because of this, both of them are wearing a mask and neither of them can be themselves. Not a healthy relationship.

At the same time, they could clearly make each other happy. They just need to talk.

11032374I had one years ago, it was from Welovefine...really well done ...got smashed when the shelf it was on broke ...still mad at it. (still got Discords head from it)

This was so ...nice, This Discord is like many I have read before...but not like them at all too, blarg I can't find the words for what I am trying to say.


Thanks, folks!

I wanted to try hitting both sides of the "Determination" prompt for the contest: they're both pushing ahead, acting on what they think the other wants but only at the end maybe starting to actually listen to what the other keeps on saying...

As for the cover image, I was looking everywhere on Google for a good picture of Fluttershy and Discord, then I looked across the room I was sitting in at the shelf where I have the statue. I'd just gotten my very first cell phone a few weeks ago--I tend to be a couple decades behind technologically speaking--and this drove me to figure out how to take pictures with it. :twilightsheepish:


This is a beautiful story, with wonderfully colorful and vivid prose, even with the sad undertones in their thoughts. The perspectives switching between the two of them through the story was an excellent way to show how both of their worries and fears that they aren't saying aloud—that the other won't love them forever, that they have to say and do exactly the right things to keep their attention and their favor.

At least at the end, they finally seem to realize how permanent the other's love is, and start to believe that they don't have to keep proving themself...and I like to hope and think that they'll keep believing that. Or at least that believing it will get easier and easier.

And of course, the plot of them becoming Queen and King of the mushrooms was humorous and sweet :heart:. I also loved how Discord is described as having multiple tiny Discords inside him, all working and advising in contradictory ways, and all the ways he feels his love for her start to seep out and physically affect him...

I enjoyed this story very much, and loved how their feelings were portrayed. One thing other's aren't pointing out is that Twilight noticed their feelings for one another, and was somewhat jealous of that connection they shared.

Delightful from start to finish. The love between these two should be teetering and unstable. It’s only suitable. But you present it in a way that’s still paradoxically healthy and supportive. Twilight looking on in charmed amazement perfectly reflects my own reaction. Thank you for a great tale of these two. Best of luck in the judging.


Thanks, folks!

I went through a couple different images in that scene with Twilight before finding the soap bubble: a butterfly flitting by seemed too "on the nose," and a beam of sunlight breaking through an otherwise overcast sky just took way too many words. :twilightsmile:


Very nice. :)
Thank you for writing!

Weird and wholesome.

This was sweet and wholesome but also felt a little sad to me. I guess it depends on how long they've been married. If they're both still struggling to believe that the other really loves them after being a couple for very long, that's... not good. It's one thing to be amazed by your partner's love, but constantly doubting it seems very unhealthy to me.

I would even say that until you can believe your boy/girl-friend actually will MEAN it when they say "'til death do we part" one should not marry.

Of course I also believe that the more fuzzy sort of Love will be variable in even a great marriage*. The Love it is actually built on underneath it all is COMMITMENT, not any sort of emotion. That commitment can find new (or recover old) reasons for warm fuzzies when the old ones fade.
*Cadance MIGHT be able to do better than this... mere humans? I'm fairly dubious.

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