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I love fluttercord way too much.


It's the end of a chapter in the book of the Mane 6, and that's still a sad, sad thing. But perhaps, if Discord just stays with her, then Fluttershy can start a new chapter in the book of her own life.

A life with him.

Written for Day 6 of Fluttercord Week, 2022.

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Definitely up to snuff :raritywink:

This was beautiful and simplistic and real. The emotions are there, the heart, the feeling. It read well and flows beautifully.

I especially loved Discord’s spontaneity when he proposed, had me laughing.

Thank you! That's honestly what I was going for here. I wrote this rather spontaneously, too. I'm so glad you find it up to snuff. I was a bit worried, especially since I just edited it myself.

And I'm always happy to get a laugh out of my readers! The Discord muse is best at that.

omg this is so sweet and amazing and aaugh I'm drowning in happiness here 😃


Time to take a cameo in whatever spontaneous song Fluttershy and her friends would no doubt burst into, probably to teach that student of Twilight’s a lesson about friendship.

Discord clearly knows what's up, lol

Wonderful job on this! Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

Oh my goodness, this is beautiful. It's wonderful, and I can just feel all the emotions from these two, and it's packed with so many details and interactions that I just love. All of Discord's sweet and silly nicknames for Fluttershy, the two of them sleeping comfortably against each other, the score counter that appears for the battle between Discord and the word "no", Discord stealing Rarity's shampoo and offering his help to Fluttershy and complaining about the sun and the government and...gah, there's just so many good things about this that I don't know if I can list them all!

I'm so, so glad that you wrote this for Fluttercord Week. :heart: :twilightsmile:

Haha, he definitely does!

I'm glad my simple little one shot brought you some happiness to your day! What more could I ask for? Thank you for reading!

I was looking forward to your review the most and you are just so sweet! I love it when readers point out what they specifically liked, and what a great list! I am so honored, thank you! Your opinion matters a great deal to me, you know.

Thank you for encouraging me to do this. I had so much fun. You really are a good luck charm!

:twilightblush: From guys night out to family night out
:pinkiehappy: Play date for all the foals

Well, that was adorable.
There's actually a song called 'Stay.'
I would say it's pretty dang spot on for the feeling of this fic.

I love this 😍

If anypony asked him years later how the ceremony was, he would honestly say that he only remembered two things: How Fluttershy looked, and when Twilght said you may now kiss the bride.

Twilight I think you forgot another I on it

Another cute story I ever read despite all the changes going on Fluttershy felt that no matter how scary it could be she got her friends and mostly important Discord and he always wanted to stay with her for the longest time when she asked that it was a definitely a game-changer for both of them how much they care for each other and yeah after what we saw in the My Little Pony new generation still things can be better in the future this was a pretty cute story keep up the good work

Woah now, they just got married! Besides, I don't trust myself to make a solid fluttercord kid. I'd want them to look both like them without sacrificing anything and I can never decide on anything. I prefer to focus on Discord and Fluttershy, anyway. Thanks for reading!

Thanks, I'll have to give it a listen soon! Glad you found it adorable. You can't go wrong with making a ship adorable!

Thank you so much! That was pretty much what I was going for. I was told often "show, don't tell", and I've tried to remember that. And I'm so glad it was still believable but not too sappy! It can be tough to balance that with Discord in mind. Thanks so much for your review, I appreciate the thoughtful feedback!

I'm so glad you did!!! That makes me happy. That must mean I did my job as a writer.

Ooh, good catch, must fix!

Thank you! I always still try to emphasize the importance of friendship in my fluttercord stuff... The series is "Friendship is Magic", after all, and we can't make Fluttershy the center of all things for Discord to truly be a friend. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

I'm afraid Annarchy would rule the kingdom
His pranking power packed in a Shy filly package :facehoof:
:raritystarry: Spike! Come here his first fire burp! :twilightoops: Your mane! :raritycry:

Well, wasn't that adorable. (Yes. Yes it was.)
To be honest, Discord is the main reason I have difficulties warming up to Gen 5. (Apart from the obvious Pinkie-/Fluttershy-/Rainbow- and Twilight-stand ins.) Celestia and Luna retire? Fine. Even though I have a hard time believing they would not return if they even so much as heard a whisper of tribalism returning. Maybe they retired to somewhere where they just can't hear such rumors. And as far as I'm aware, the writers at some point stated that they did not intend for Twilight to become immortal. (Although it just hurts so much to think that all her work fell apart. And I don't necessarily mean 'just' her school or what she did for Equestria. I'm including her diplomatic efforts with kirin, hippogryphs, dragons, yaks... they're trying to tell us that ALL of that fell apart? What the heck?)
Eh. Sorry about the impromptu rant.
What I was getting at: Discord, as far as we know, is another immortal. Did he just... vanish? Or retire to the same place Celestia and Luna went to? Because if he were still around, I can't imagine the world looking like that.

You have some great character work in here. It's a very sweet story.

Thank you.

I like to think that fluttershy and iscord are somewhere in the world helping animals for all time.

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