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I've been writing and selling stories for longer than a lot of folks reading this have been alive. Check Baal Bunny for more!


Romance, palace intrigue, and swashbuckling adventure await our six heroines when Princess Luna summons the Elements of Harmony to Canterlot.

I started writing this story in the middle of March 2011 and submitted the last chapter and the epilogue to EqD 3 1/2 months later on July 4th. The basic idea for it, though, had come to me after watching the first two episodes on YouTube at the beginning of that February, but it took me a month to discover there were places on the net to which a person could send fanfiction and have it posted. I don't get out much, y'see...

The discerning reader may, therefore, find a bit of canon-fodder here and there, and for all that I've thought about diving back in and changing a few things to make the story line up better with Season 2, I'm not gonna. For better or for worse, this story's done, and I hope to use what I learned while writing it and from the comments it's gotten--and the comments I reckon it'll get here--to make my next story better.


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Read it before, loved it, and I'll read it again.

Thanks for putting it here, I hadn't thought about this one for a long while.

Well, hello there old and awesome fic :twilightsmile:, it's been a while. Nice to see you again. I'm afraid I'll have to postpone my re-reading of you :unsuresweetie:, but you're on my favorites list. :pinkiehappy:

A story that is complete that's word count comes out to exactly 57000? I must read this!

Loved this the last time I read it, and it's great to see that it's finally made its way over here.

I've been meaning to read this. Now that it's here maybe I'll actually get around to it.

i LOVE to see the old classics on here! i really loved this story when i first read it. i twas one of the first serious exercises in world- building in the fandom.

Thanks, folks! I've been meaning all year to set up a section here on FiMFiction, but now that I'm about ready to start my next big Pony story, I figured I might as well actually do it.


Wow. Long distance with passengers, must take a lot of concentation:unsuresweetie:

Bad luck? Maybe. Sabotauge? Probably. Gift from Celestia? Unlikely but a fun idea.:derpytongue2:

And she didn't even charge Rarity extra for all that luggage! Talk about full service!:raritywink:


Each a valid hypothesis.:scootangel:


where shall i cast those that defile this comment box with "first" :twilightangry2:

That's a good question. Do I get three guesses?


There is a very good reason this story (at the time of my comment) has zero thumbs-downs. It's like a double-bladed sword of literary awesome (and friendship)... on one side, it's a brilliant story, with more accurate-to-show characterization that average, and on the other, it's publisher-quality... no flow-breaking typos or grammatical errors. It's like Fanfic: Advanced Edition.

Thanks! There's a couple things here and there in the story I get a little frowny about, but I'm always glad when folks enjoy it.


This is a WONDERFUL story. It was one of the first pony fictions, in fact one of the first fan fictions, period, that I'd ever read, and was responsible for drawing me in.

Your characterizations are spot on, your storytelling is superb, and this tale of yours is a joy to read and re-read. I'm particularly fond of Applejack taking on the role of Columbo, Rainbow Dash whipping the Night Guards into shape, Fluttershy being the one to bring the piece's villain to heel with her kindness, Rarity's whirlwind romance, and Pinkie Pie interrogating prisoners with a surprise party is beyond inspired.

A fabulous piece of work. Regardless of what canon may change as the show's seasons unfold, this story holds up fabulously. Long may it be read and enjoyed by those devotees of the world of Equestria. :twilightsmile::ajsmug::raritystarry::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::yay:

One of the first pony fanfiction I read - and first long one. Good to see it here - I remember really liking it - I think I still have it on my Kindle. Maybe I will read it again, to see how my perspective changed now, that I've read much more.

I'm quite enjoying this. My only criticism so far would be that Rarity doesn't sound quite right.

I'm kind of surprised that this fic hasn't garnered more views than it has. It's pretty enjoyable so far, very well done.

My one complaint would have to be your use of double question marks for emphasis. I know it's a stylistic choice, but I just find it odd and a bit jarring =/

This is one of the best stories that I have read since I became involved with MLP.
The character development is spot on and the last chapter about the glade just caps the whole thing off.
Congratulations on a job well done.


So few positive mods? I'm surprised! This is a fantastic story that showcases the Mane 6's abilities in an unexpected context and always remains true to their characters.

What makes this really interesting is the fact that the villain of the piece was, at least in part, as much sinned against as sinning. Yes, she chose the wrong path but her reason for doing so was comprehensible and, perhaps, even justified (even if only to her way of mind). Luna needed a gentle reminder of the amount the world had changed and the fact that, yes, she needed other ponies to help her to do her job (her panic at the thought of a Night Court proved that she had suddenly realised that). Celestia is, as the two Ministers pointed out, a supreme politician and manipulator. She knows how to get people to realise the right thing on their own rather than her simply telling them to their faces, with the consequential stubborn rejection.

One last thing: I'd like to see more of Attorney General Applejack, General Rainbow Dash, Chief of Staff PInkie Pie, DCoS Fluttershy and all the rest. Maybe there could be a second Cantalot adventure! :twilightsmile:

One of the first and best stories I read on EQD. The characterization, the pacing, the atmosphere, the plot all of it so very in character and well written. You Sir deserve a cookie.

Very cute start I can't wait to see where this goes.

This is an amazing blast from the past. :twilightsmile:

A brilliant piece. Bravo, I must say. Bravo.


Thanks much:

As I've said before, this was about the easiest piece of writing I've ever done, and since I enjoyed every minute of it, I'm always glad when other folks like it, too.


Rarity sounds a lot like:

The way I hear the character Constance Teasdale from my Daily Grind webcomic, so there may have been a little slippage... :twilightsmile:


I blame:

The nameless copy editor who worked on the original edition of my novel The Blood Jaguar from Tor Books. This person changed all my "question mark/exclamation point" combinations to "double question marks," and I've been using them ever since.



One of the things:

I enjoy so much about FiM is the way the writers approach the whole idea of "the antagonist." Most of the episodes, after all, feature our heroes pitted against each other! So I tried my best to keep that aspect of things here. The one I'm working on now, though, "An Infinite Number of Pinkies," the antagonist there is a bit more traditional, I guess you'd say...


Cuteness is also very important to me and something I'm constantly striving for. So thanks!


I see you put the title into the story and in a very fitting speech too. :pinkiehappy:
The story is really starting to pick up some steam. I can't figure out who's good and who's bad...yet. Excellent work and I can't wait to see how it all pans out! :twilightsmile:

Just as lovely as when I first read it.

Whew, took me longer than expected to get back to this and finish it. Completely worth it :twilightsmile:

Let me say that I am absolutely smitten with how you write Pinkie; the dialogue, the personality, the antics, all of it. If there was one character that stood out in this fic, it was her. She just took the stand and shinned in the latter half of this story. She's so light hearted, tossing out quips from her uncles with nonchalance and perfect timing, and then you had that moment when she sat there and shuffled the cards as she had her monologue. That was a high point of the story -- any Pinkie perspective was one, actually. The way she thinks and acts, and how she just gets it, even if she masks all that understanding behind her kookiness.

Really well done, absolutely wonderful job with her, with this whole fic! The romance with Rarity and Ory -- bless their love struck hearts -- was sweet and witty, and the interest Dash showed in Des was cute. To think, the focus was on helping Luna adjust to ruling again, helping her become who she is, and it became so much more in the end.

Gah! So many moments to think about and reflect on. I'll just end with Mandrake, I guess. He was a small role, but his interaction with Rarity and Ory just made it great. If anything, I'm with Rarity: I wouldn't mind getting to know that old, kind stallion.

Great story, it did start out a tad slow, but picked up so well in the end. I enjoyed this immensely. Fantastic job :pinkiesmile:

I applaud you AugieDog on a story well crafted. *Claps a round of applause*
This story was very emotionally impacting and I loved how the villain was portrayed! :pinkiehappy:
The characterization, after only having Season 1 to work off of, felt incredibly well handled and the epilogue wrapped up the entire story with a bright, shiny red ribbon. :twilightsmile:
Excellent work! I enjoyed reading every minute of it.

-Flame Runner


I was so:

Worried about doing Pinkie justice, I can't even tell you! And I ended up having so much fun writing her that I'm finally putting together a whole big Pinkie adventure story! Oh, the huge manatees!



I can't find the website anymore, of course, but I once came across that speech I put into Rarity's mouth among some examples of motivational speaking or something. It was very odd...


"Those gentleponies then abed will think themselves accursed they were not there!"
Pinkie Pie speaking in iambic-pentameter is best Pinkie Pie.

REAL COOL:rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile::raritywink:

I did not know this was on Fimfic! I'm so happy, this is probably in my Top 3 favorite fics. :pinkiehappy:


I had completely forgotten:

That I had slipped that line in there. I'm just shocked I didn't have her make a reference to Apple Crispan's Day or something...




And the day was saved thanks to Luna being OP.

I recommend, to the MOON!

Your comments section is sparse, let me spruce it up.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::applejackunsure::rainbowdetermined2::raritywink::twilightsmile::scootangel:
There much better!

Pinkie Pie is best architect.:pinkiehappy:
:applecry:What 'bout me?

Fluttershy to the rescue!:yay:

What a great story! Pinkie was the perfect mix of wisdom and whimsy, and all the other characters were spot on.
Alternate Universe is best universe.


Glad you enjoyed it!


I am so glad this is here and not in google docs land. A lot easier than keeping with so many links.


One of the first fics I read when I started reading fics. I wish there were more like it (relatively show-style novel-length mane six adventures, that is).

And the day was saved thanks to Luna being OP.

@ q97randomguy: Well, Luna is an alicorn, after all... If anypony in Equestria has a large enough magic supply to do things like that, she'd be one of them... :pinkiehappy:

:applejackconfused: How exactly does Rarity expect formal social events to shift public opinion of Luna? If everypony's got to be on their best behavior, there won't be much chance for even the Element of Honesty to ferret out suspects or culprits... :fluttershysad:

:applecry: What 'bout me?

Applebloom is best architect-in-training... or Wrench Wench. :pinkiehappy::raritywink:

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