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“You really want to make it up to me? My birthday is next week.” The corner of Fluttershy’s mouth tugged upwards in the slightest of smiles. “You could… maybe… come up with something then.”

Discord has a new dilemma-he must find the most perfect gift ever for Fluttershy's upcoming birthday. And unfortunately, not only is he unable to come up with anything, but he also keeps getting distracted from other birthdays he's missed. Being a good friend is a lot of work sometimes... Takes place immediately after season 5's "Make New Friends but Keep Discord".

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This was absolutely wonderful!! I'll have to send it to my friend who loves fluttercord!!

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! (And I hope your friend likes it too!)

This was a very sweet, adorable,funny, and meaningful aftermath story for MFBKD, it's more better episode in season 5 than What About Discord, Even though it was strenuous to him (mostly Twilight's present) Discord's belated birthday presents to Twilight and Rainbow was very thoughtful, always hoped they'd both be on better terms after Tirek. Also the Fluttercord moments were beautiful and my favorite parts, I hope Discord will be able to with Fluttershy's family especially her dad and her brother, wouldn't mind if you writ a story about that.

Thank you so much! And Discord's apology to Fluttershy's dad is next on my "to-write" list, so be on the lookout for that sometime (hopefully) soon 😅

This is looking great so far! I loved how Fluttershy genuinely thought the whole time that Discord had an invitation, and felt bad after realizing that he wanted to go with her. I also love the idea that the only reason she went to the Gala was so that Tree Hugger could go, since she was interested.

I also like how Fluttershy enjoyed talking with Smooze, and how Smooze and Tree Hugger are hitting it off.

Rarity, Pinkie, and Rainbow Dash being popular with stallions for different reasons makes a lot of sense.

I loved Discord's unique way of dancing with ponies, and how he used the slow dance as an opportunity to try and apologize to Fluttershy again. And I love that she makes it clear that she isn't upset with him, but is just hesitant about dancing in front of everyone. Oh, and how she gave Discord lots of compliments on his creativity and cleverness towards the end of the chapter.

Aww, Fluttershy enjoying romantic movies since her teenage years is an idea I will happily accept.

Looking forward to seeing what creative ideas Discord will come up with for her birthday.

Ha, Pinkie trying to bribe the "impatient customer" with free sweets to get them to wait like they're a small, impatient child is funny. Especially when Discord says the offer is tempting!

Aww, love how Pinkie sees just how adorable Discord wanting to make a grand gesture is!

Oh my God, Pinkie is already thinking about their wedding reception, that is both hilarious and really sweet.

Discord disliking calendars is an excellent touch, as is him saying "Tuesday" is his favorite day. And then "October 2nd" when asked for a specific day. Pinkie knows why you like those, Discord. We all know.

I love how Pinkie wants him to have a birthday that isn't on any of her friends' birthdays, even if I think the idea of Discord choosing to share a birthday with Fluttershy is always cute. He should have his own day!

AWWW he picked the day he became their friend as his birthday, my heart :heart:

(Also, love that Pinkie is happy about their birthdays being so close to each other. Friendship!)

Princess Sparkplug XD Excellent nickname

Oh, all of That Incident happened on Twilight's birthday? ...ouch...

Aww, Discord struggling with having a conscience is always nice. Especially since it's now the main thing motivating him to actually make things up with Twilight for her birthday.

Ooh, a book on local history would be a gift Twilight would love, much as Discord thinks that it's poor taste. Loved how Spike challenged him, goading Discord into going this route!

Lester...as a nickname for Celestia? Huh, I like it.

I love when Discord genuinely cares about Twilight, even if his clones try and argue that they care about Fluttershy more.

Oh my God, Discord using "What would Fluttershy do?" as a moral compass is genius and amazing. Especially since it works to convince all of the versions of himself.

Loved how Discord having to experience order and boring stuff over centuries nearly drove him mad.

AWWW Twilight's reaction to her gift! Amazing!

Huh, Rainbow has a sweet tooth? Interesting. Wonder if Discord could give her some apple-flavored candy, or just some apple cider to go with her candy. She'd probably be ecstatic at that.

Ooh, now I'm very curious about what Discord is going to try and make for Fluttershy's gift!

Aww, that was a sweet gift from Angel Bunny, giving her a day off.

AW, Discord giving Fluttershy a warning before making his sudden appearance was a nice touch.

...oh, the gift he gave her is super sweet. I love it!

Hah, I love how he's teasing her a little, saying that she can apologize for the small misunderstanding on his birthday.

And I realize now that what Discord did might not exactly match Fluttershy's favorite movie, but it was close! He spent a thousand years in a different time than her, and he resolves that now that he's back, he will not leave her side for so long again.

I do love the fact that Fluttershy is pretty upset about what he did to her dad, but that it isn't a breaking point for the two of them. And Discord has been getting good at genuine apologies, so hopefully this next one will go well?

I adored this story, and I'm looking forward to how he'll end up apologizing to Fluttershy's father!

Thank you so much for all your comments! You're one of my favorite Fluttercord writers, so I'm stoked to see your positive reaction to my fic 😀

Yeah, Fluttershy and Discord sharing a birthday would be pretty cute, now that I think about it! Especially with Fluttershy's birthday being one of the only days Discord has a specific liking to. But since Pinkie's the one helping him decide, you know she'd want to add an extra day for her to throw parties, not just pile on a day already on her calendar :raritywink:

And yeah, the parallels between Fluttershy's favorite movie and Discord's actions actually didn't become obvious to me until I was halfway finished writing the story, but it gave the story a nice cohesion, with the theme of love that lasts even though the large passage of time. And it gave the fic a good name, too--I usually struggle with naming fics, but I knew what this one would be called before I even finished it lol

Thank you again for taking the time to read and all your comments, I really appreciate them :pinkiehappy:

Cool! Oh and Discord's birthday? I'd like to see what Fluttershy would do for his birthday

Hmm, I'll have to think about it! It's definitely a good idea for a story; I just have to come up with an idea for what gift she comes up with lol

Ok just finished and wow did I enjoy this read. Such a great twist with the twilight plot... I did not see that one coming. I honestly thought discord was just gonna dance with flutershy, but the music box was such a nice touch..

Well done.

I don't often leave comments or write reviews like this. But for this one I really enjoyed that much.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it 😄

I feel like GeekCat already wrote about pretty much everything I loved about this, so I'll just add onto it.

Your characterization and voiced of all the characters are pretty much spot-on. Discord especially, and his voice is one of my favorites! I could hear his dialogue easily in his voice. Bravo! But honestly, I could heat all the voices from the story...The Mane 6, Spike, all of 'em.

Your clever storytelling was also a treat. This was a very unique story in terms of the details, considering the summary is about Discord wanting to get Fluttershy the perfect gift. But not only is the gift itself unique (a teapot that also is a music-not-a-box with the cups representing him and the teapot representing her!), but his interactions with Pinkie, and showing off the side of Pinkie that is actually quite brilliant (a detail so often overlooked) and getting sidetracked by other birthdays, particularly Twilight's, and then THAT unique gift idea... I loved the gift idea you gave and how Discord did it and how it slightly parallels the movie you're referencing. It's also a really cool (and swoonworthy) detail that in present time, it seems like it was done in a mere short moment, but really Discord experienced a huge amount of time away... and made him miss Fluttershy. It sounds like, through context, it also made him realize just how deep his love for Fluttershy runs. A beautiful little detail in something he discovered while doing something for a different friend entirely.

Not to mention, I love ANY fluttercord story that deeply emphasizes the importance of friendship despite the romance tag... especially between Discord and his other friends.

This was a very lovely discovery to read after a very long time wondering when something new would pop up in the fluttercord search box. I would love some more, please!

Random thought, but you know what would be ironic?

A prank to tease him. A bouquet of flowers first, followed by an actual present.

I could see Discord laughing for DAYS at that.

Just a random, unimportant thought I wanted to share based on your section of the story on flowers. (Which was so funny, by the way. I loved how Discord lectured his clones... and therefore externally lectured himself. XD)

oh my goodness, another Fluttercord writers whose fics I really enjoy left me a positive review? This must be my lucky day month :raritystarry:

I love Discord&ManeSix friendship works, too! Honestly, the scene with Pinkie was actually my favorite to write in this fic. (Which is surprising, since Pinkie's probably the pony I relate to the least, personally speaking. But I found that she's a lot of fun to write, especially with bouncing her personality off of Discord!) And of course, Twilight and Discord have such a unique dynamic too (and Twilight's the pony I relate to the most, so writing her was almost laughingly easy lol). Of course Discord's relationship with Fluttershy completely owns my heart, but I like getting the opportunity to write so many unique, dynamic relationships here. 🙂

Random thought, but you know what would be ironic?

A prank to tease him. A bouquet of flowers first, followed by an actual present.

I could see Discord laughing for DAYS at that.

That... is a great idea. To quote Discord from my own story, I can work with this. 😃 I plan to write Discord and Fluttershy's dad having a heart-to-heart first, but this will make a fun little one-shot afterwards!

Thank you so much for your nice review and the favorite! I definitely plan to write more! :twilightsmile:

That was a good story.

Thank you, and thanks for adding it to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

Fantastic job! I highly enjoyed the detailed thought you put into this story. You did beautifully with the characterization and all the Fluttercord moments had me squealing with joy! There were so many things about this fic that I loved. Discord's concern over gifts for Twilight and Rainbow shows how much he's personally grown in the Friendship department. His gifts for each of them were perfect and I loved that the time away from Fluttershy helped him know without a doubt how much he loved her. The tea set, by the way, was perfect. A functional music box teapot? Yes, please! I particularly enjoyed Discord's past conflict with Fluttershy's father and really look forward to a possible companion fic resolving the issue. I could keep going but I'll finish by saying overall you did an amazing job and I look forward to future Fluttercord fics from you.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your lovely comment! I've started work on the fic with Discord and Fluttershy's dad, and I don't anticipate it being too long (although my ability to estimate the length of my in-progress fanfics is historically rather awful, lol), so hopefully I'll have it finished and posted soon... a month or two, maybe? That's my aim, anyway. :twilightsheepish:

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