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Discord is sorry. Fluttershy is sorry. They're both sorry, and they both need to talk about this, but feelings are hard sometimes.

Takes place immediately following "Twilight's Kingdom". Yes, I know I'm quite late to the party with this...

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This was… you know, fine. Earnest, sincere, naked and raw in its emotion, and some well thought out and unusual approaches to balancing how Discord would think and approach balancing chaos with non-chaotic elements in his life going forward.

For all that, it’s unremarkable and forgettable quickly, and I think I would have felt this even if there weren’t tons of post-“Twilight’s Kingdom” Discord/Fluttershy make-up fics (for the record, I can’t say I’ve read more then a few, as they were far less common by the time I came in the show/fandom in 2017/18). Still, it’s definitely competent enough that those with a penchant for these two will probably really like it, so there’s that.

Though from a technical level, it definitely repeats itself and is drawn-out, mostly in the “Discord is alone” first half. Yes, it’s important to get across his thoughts and let him wallow in his misery, but the specific notions blend into each other. The Fluttershy half is less severe, just a little trimming to keep the pace maybe. This may all sound superficial, but this piece did have enough elements to start to stand out from its pack, and condensing it slightly, even by just several hundred words, would allow hose elements to shine better. But, that’s just me. Apologies I don’t have more to say, but it just isn’t sticking in the mind much at all.

Bottom line, fine and serviceable, yet quickly digested and forgotten about. But no one would expect the quality of Salvation and a Cup of Tea every time.

Well, "fine" is better than "bad," so that's perfectly acceptable lol. Thanks for taking the time to read and leave your thoughts, I do appreciate it. :)

I don't know why everyone on this website thinks every fic needs a full academic critique. I already bookmarked this on AO3, but I'll say it again here: I really love this fic. Personally, I liked how it reads: it feels like real-life introspection, where you're focusing in on one thing that you feel bad about. And the fluff is very sweet.

And I'll say thank you very much again! :twilightsmile: I'm super glad that you enjoy this story so much.

Honestly I was kind of expecting even more critique comments than what I got lol. The problem with getting into a super, SUPER active fandom like MLP after the show's already finished is that most of the ideas I want to write about (especially for a relatively popular ship like this one) have already been written, so even when I add in my own thoughts I realize that there's probably not much that's entirely original. I'm honestly just happy that people still find this one fine even with all that going against it lol :twilightsheepish:

Hi I love this. I see it's on Ao3 so I'll be sure to drop some kudos there too! But also: I love this. Super into your writing style, the beats, the emotion, the Discord POV, the everything. Pls pls I need more, I'm also just, like, a weird newbie to MLP, I'm truly only here for the lovely and charming fluffdisaster that is Fluttercord, and you just keep delivering.

This was truly a sweet fic! I really like how you went into why Discord teamed up with Tirek. Sure other fics have also said it was because his life had started to stagnate, but I feel like this one sold it in a way that feels much more believable. Kudos!

First of all, sorry for such a late reply! I don't log in here that much. But anyway, thank you so, so much! I've actually been off and on writing another Fluttercord fic, but progress has been slow and my inspiration rises and falls unpredictably sometimes. But your review has given me a great shot of motivation! So hopefully I'll be able to hit you up with another fix of Fluttercord soon 😆

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that I was able to bring something unique to the table here, that was honestly my biggest worry when writing this. 🙂

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