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It was a dream Fluttershy had had many times in the past year or so. By the light of the full moon, she'd fly to the Sweet Apple Acres orchard, making small talk with the bats as she enjoyed a few apples.
But when one of her "dreams" takes a different turn, she and Big MacIntosh find their waking world turned upside-down.

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This has way too few comments. So, I'll just add one.

This... I want to read this, but it's not finished.

This makes me sad.

This fic is so cute, It has to be considered dangerous! :pinkiecrazy:

Can't wait to read more!

This story almost made me die from all the cuteness!

Her ears perked as the nurse trotted back into the room, wearing an inexplicable smile. "Great news, ma'am! I got your blood tests back, and you're not sick at all. You're pregnant! Congrats!"

I... did not see that coming!

so is big mac the father or is it one those fruit bats?

so what's there cover up story going to be wants her friend's realise Fluttershy's been gaining weight?

Thank you! Unfortunately I've been stuck on what to do next for like two years >.< but there is one more chapter I forgot I haven't edited for this release yet, so I'll try to get that up soon!

Thank you! 💜

They've got a cover story in the next chapter!

Wow, I forgot about this story. Whelp time to reread it, so I can get it back into my memory.

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