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Discord and Fluttershy have been friends for the longest time, and through their relationship they have learned acceptance. Yet, Discord still finds it difficult to accept himself. In determination to grow closer to Fluttershy, Discord finds a spell to change his appearance. With his new look, Discord begins to grow closer to his friend more than ever, but then suddenly develops...affections? Will Discord be able to keep his transformation under control? Or will his feelings get the best of him?

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There will be a remake at a later date...

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Like it but...Cordy? Could've done Concord, or the persona from the chapter book he was in. Sorry, don't mean to be harsh. It's just, meh.

7218646 I agree with you... I was having difficulty finding a good nickname for him...Dissy would have been to obvious and was frankly over used...what persona could you be referring to? And any other suggestions you might have would help. :twilightsmile:


In The chapter book: Discord and the Ponyville Players Drama Rama, Discord turns into a taupe Unicorn (a disguise) and calls himself Tony Stanza. Not sure why, but hey, at least nopony would guess it was actually Discord. And if you need any help with anything, I'd be happy to help.

7222035 okay, thanks for the advise...I'll try and come up with something better...I like Cordwood because it's close...but not too close (if that makes sense) I'm gonna try a different nickname, so it's not obvious.

Thanks again! And I hope to see more advise and input in my upcoming chapters! :)

Comment posted by Feather Flyer deleted Jun 3rd, 2016

This is absolutely the best FlutterCord story I've ever read! I'd like to advertise this here fiction of yours in my next chapter of You Can't Help Who You Love. I would leave a small description and a link in the Author's Note. Lately, I've come across some really lovely stories that need more exposure, and since I have a popular(ish) story that appears in the Featured box, I'm thinking of showcasing such works of fiction in my Author's Notes and blogs.

7272013 Go right on ahead! Thank you for supporting my story ^V^

And I'll be sure to read your too!

“You-why are you so skinny, huh? What’s with these wings, I bet you can’t even fly...your wearing glasses so either you read or are a nerd or something...so spill it, tell me your story, and what your relationship is with Fluttershy…” Twilight was now in Discord’s personal space, only an inch from his muzzle staring him down like a mother.

For Twilight to be the princess of Friendship, this is awfully mean.

7272170 eh, I could sugar coat it...but I also wanted to make her intimidating...I'll go in and fix it :) thank you for your concern!

She could feel everything surrounding her, his breaths against her neck, his grip on her, his heartbeat, even…

Even what? :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftright:

7272873 Lets leave that to your own interpretation :twilightblush:

I'm not saying yes or no to anything...hehe...


I hadn't realized how big this story was until I went to your user page and found it. I don't know what I was expecting, but probably not a Multi-chapter story. However, a deal is a deal, so I will still review this. Instead of the whole thing at one time, I'll do it chapter by chapter.

So in this chapter, I pretty much get it on Discords stance regarding Fluttershy. Clearly he has feeling he is either ignoring or doesn't understand.

Although I'm not much of a FlutterCord fan, this one is okay with me. I'm interested to see where this heads in the next chapter, given that he's a pony now and all.:twilightsmile:

As far as grammatical/punctuation or spelling errors, I didn't see too many. A few instances where you did this:

“We do have Wednesday Book Club!” He stated eagerly, elated to be discussing a recent activity he had done with the dear pegasus.

Take out that capitalized h in He.

Other than that, most excellent my friend! And I look forward to reading the next chapter very soon!

7275845 Thank you so much for the support. :twilightsmile:

I'm glad people can still like it...even if they aren't fans of discoshy.

Thank you for the review!

Ok, please. Let me get this straight. Cordwood is Discord or is another pony that knows Discord?!?!?!
I'm a bit lost here!!!!
By the way, great fluttercord scene!

7298356 Okay, Cordwood and Discord are one in the same. Discord found a spell to change his appearance with out any faults that would give him away. He wanted him and Fluttershy to open up more because he thought that Fluttershy was uncomfortable with how he looked. There are many titles I use for Discord...his name as a stallion is Cordwood. So Cordwood is Discord and Discord is Cordwood.

Twilight (if you've gotten to this part) is assuming that Discord is Cordwood or that he knows Cordwood, it's something she is going to figure out.

I hope that made sense, I didn't mean to make complicated.

Great chapter!!! :pinkiehappy::derpytongue2: Cant wait for more!

Love it!!! Can't wait for more!!!

7308102 thank you ^u^

Will do!

Was that a Timber wolf that tried to eat Fluttershy?

7311779 no, it was a chimera :twilightsheepish:

did I not write that in there?

Wow, that must have been crazy for Discord and Twilight to go through! I hope Fluttershy and Spike can get back home safely!

:pinkiesmile: Wow another great chapter! Sounds like you've got a lot going on! What audio drama are you auditioning for?

7355938 thanks!

Oh, I'm auditioning for the mare who became queen. It's a great read!

I love this chapter. But, one thing we have to talk about. WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ON A CLIFFHANGER?! :flutterrage: Okay, can't wait to see more.

7384660 XD that was the point...but noted ^^

Please, explain me something. Cordwood is another pony or is in Discord's head? i still don't get! And why is Discord dying again?

7385105 Discord and Concord are the same being. They were seperated by the magic, as I read.

7385105 Okay, Cordwood is a piece of Discord that takes the visible form of Discord's past self. As said before, Discord had cast a spell on himself to take the form of a stallion, in the beginning of this story, he had decided to take his former name to mask his true identity. But the spell didn't mix well with his own magic and is now tearing him apart. His conscious is tearing from him, if it tears from him completely without being put back, his magic will leave him altogether and he would eventually die from being too weak and having all his energy taken from him. He hopes that Fluttershy can put him back together again. Cordwood is Discord, but our usual chimera spirit prefers to be called Discord instead of his true name because there are "past issues" he wishes to forget (more on that later).

This will be featured in my comic if you really want a deeper story. This is just a written format and will most likely be revised to fit the story-line of the comic. I hope this all made sense. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for clarifying by the way :twilightblush: And you are correct! I'm glad it makes sense...phew, I was worried there hehe

Cordwood actually is a real word.

Definition: wood that has been cut into uniform lengths, used especially as firewood

This is actually significant and is a part of Discord's past...I wonder how many people are trying to figure out his past :trixieshiftright:

7387380 ack I just realized... I said Concord instead of Cordwood because of an autocorrect on my phone, after typing a response to another one... I hate my phone.

7410512 hehe oh it's cool, I just really wanted people to know that his name is actually significant. I do appreciate you comments by the way.

aw now I can't wait to see what happens next

Now they both know each other's feelings!

Amazing! I love it! I just have one quick question, where's Twilight? I thought she was behind them in the forest? Besides that, great chapter and I can't wait for the next one!

7435887 No, she's not there at the moment...you'll know more in the next chapter...

Yes, finally! Discord told her!

So the last chapter was the ending? Also that graphic novel you mention, is it going to be online or in print? Because I'm in for both of them! I'm excited to see what comes next and I know you'll do great!:pinkiehappy:

7459492 Yes, the last chapter was the ending...but there will be a remake in the future that will be of better quality. Um...maybe as it gradually gets more popular then I can give it out as prints, until then it will just be online on my DeviantArt. There is already two pages out now, actually. Oh, thank you so much!

What is your DeviantArt count?
Please, don't forget to upload the links of your past/future Flutercord stories!!! I love this ship so much, and I'm pretty sure there would be little moments of canon fluttercord in the soon episode, Dungeons and Discords!!! So don't worry.
Good luck with everything!

That's great! I've been waiting ages to read the said graphic novel you're making, though I wasn't certain it was yours, it had a similair feel, that I had already assumed. Anywho, If like to see you get an editor or get some editing some for this story. If it seems like too much trouble I'd be happy yo point out here and there the little mistakes. (You tend to write the word that sounds like the one you want to use, but it's the wrong one) Its one of the only problems I had with the story. I didn't wantbto bring it up while you were working on the chapters, though perhaps I should have? It's only a few here and there, I thought someone else would most likely have pointed them out.

7460280 Hehe, yeah, see again I'm still learning. If you'd like to edit, you may. I'm not exactly sure how the system works, but you most certainly can help with editing and making it better. The remake (in the future) will be of my editing because I'm sure I'll know better by then. As for this story there can be nitpicking and I don't mind. :twilightsmile:

7461084 Alright. For a beginner, you know how to write those scenes that keep people writing despite everything. I'm sure you'll do better, but even experienced writers make their mistakes. I write all the time, though I'm no expert by any means, and i still nake mistakes here and there. All I can recall finding are words that don't fit, but are placed there because they sound like the right one, it's actually a common mistake I find in fanfictions written by new writers. For your first story, I say you did amazing.

7461184 Thank you very much! Would you like to edit?

7461199 I would be honored. I can't do any editing today though, I'm afraid. I can start tomorrow though.

7461203 Alright, good deal. Send me a message and I'm sure we can do something ^^

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