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Hello Fluttercord Fans and shipper fans alike! My name is MissKoiFishPony, but you can call me Miss Koi or Missy:) I love My Little Pony, I love to write, I love Fluttercord.


Based on an idea by AM Shark (written with her permission) and edited by AM Shark as well. Ever since Fluttershy met the ever-mysterious yet strangely charming Opera Ghost, she can’t help but look back on all those rumors whispered by her fellow performers. Rumors about what possible deformities lie underneath her new friend’s mask. Cover art by Jaw2002 on Deviantart.

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Comments ( 14 )

Awww! It's absolutely adorable!

What was AM Shark's idea, anyway?

Ha! Let's see...aside from "Phantom of the Opera" and "Sherlock Holmes" obviously, I also caught "Hotel Transylvania" and "Princess Bride" references in here.

7244271 The idea of putting Discord and Fluttershy in the Phantom and Christine roles, (*Chuckles* Yeah, real original there, Shark.) but instead of having Discord wear a mask to conceal his "ugly" face, he's just wearing it to drive ponies nuts by making them wonder what he's trying to hide.

A+++++++ *slow clapping* Original and so in-character while simultaneously making it a parody of something completely different and making it work. Yes. Just YES!

Lol this was great! I had a sh**** day at school and this more than made up for it!!

*claps* Bravo, bravo! Amazing parody of the Phantom of the Opera while keeping Fluttershy and Discord in character at the same time!

This was Da best. It made me laugh sooo hard!:yay:*ha*

:rainbowlaugh: Great story! Loved it!!

This is amazing! Well written, and I love the twist! :pinkiehappy:

The masks ARE very comfortable to wear. I often refuse to take mine off.

Wow, has it really been a year since this was posted? *Laughs and shakes head* Where does the time go?
Anyway, in honor of this story's anniversary, I just wanted to say "Thanks again so much for writing it," and to point out something I just recently noticed. This:

He certainly didn’t embody any of her father’s characteristics.

(After watching Flutter Brutter) *Snickers* You got that right.

Oh my gosh, has it been a year already?!:0 Oh my Celestia, where does time go I swearXD Haha lol looking back at Flutter Brutter and Fluttershy's dad, you're right that line is just plain hilariousXD Lol so hardXD Good eye spy Sharkie;)

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