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Ghost Mike

Hardcore animation enthusiast who discuss it in video format. Also likes pastel cartoon ponies. They do that to people. And ghosts.

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    Ghost Mike's Ponyfic Review Monday Musings #90

    Good Thanksgiving, I hope, my American comrades? All full from the turkey and familial reminiscing? Nothing like that here, but I did have the first organised Christmas dinners/parties that tend to start up around now. This one being at work, to facilitate easier flights home for those coming in for it. First time on a boat on a canal, of all things. Fun to see the locks opening and the water level changing when you’re on the thing!

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Ghost Mike's Ponyfic Reviews

Want to see if I've reviewed a certain fic, or quickly go to an old review? Check out my ARCHIVE OF REVIEWS. Links to the story, review blog, and audio reading (if applicable). Beats trawling through Fimfiction's blog backlog ten at a time, eh?

While I am not hard-and-fast closed to recommendations, mostly in cases of a fic I look at not quite doing it and wanting different/better from its type or that author, I do not accept review requests, and certainly not for an author's own stories. Too large a backlog as it is, and too risky to open the floodgates.

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I see. Thanks for the clarification.

You may have already seen it after posting, but in my profile, I state that I don't accept review requests*. Easy to miss, given it's not viewable on mobile. My backlog's just too big, making it far too risky to open the floodgates, and while I'm chuffed a decent portion of folks know me by now as one of the Ponyfic reviews faces around here (:twilightsmile:), enough to consider a review from me something they'd actively want, I prefer keeping it to a stress-free hobby. Also, there are enough genres and characters I don't much care for, prohibiting some fics from eligibility and leading others to likely fare worse.

* I told this to Secretary via PM, hence the lack of a clarification here.

Now, I do consider recommendations, so you are welcome to say "if you do read one of my stories, I'd suggest this one", by all means.

Excellent question. I wanted to request a review as well.

Uh, hey, is there a place to request a review, or do you have your own system?

Comment posted by Princess Starflight deleted Mar 7th, 2022

Howdy howdy,

Thank you for adding Wings and Horns to your library!

Not particularly jarring actually. I noticed you shelving it for the purposes of reading later, and judging by some of your activity around the site that I stumble across every-so-often, I wanted to see where it landed for you instead of simply thanking you for putting it in a shelf in the first place. You seem to put a bit of thought into what you read. I'm mostly glad folks like you and others with a more critical eye have enjoyed it for what it is rather than try to elevate it to what it isn't.

As I said in the post-release blog, I knew that it would get attention via the title alone, so I wanted to make sure it was worth the time spent reading it. Again, I am the first to admit the title is click-bait. I did come up with title along with it being a gender-bending Button Mash for the situation, but I spent enough time to make sure folks didn't come in and get garbage unfairly. I want folks to read other things I've got, after all.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying, I'm glad it elicited a hoot!

No Problem!

It must seem weird for me to do that just a week after already reading and categorising the fic. But as you may have noticed, I added a new tier between Good and Really Good, and I’ve been moving fics in either of those folders to the in-between folder where that middle ground suits them best. Which yours does. It’s a hoot!

So, that’s why. :scootangel:

Thanks for adding Achievement Unlocked: Alicorn Princess you your "Pretty Good" shelf. After reading the shelf's description, I agree with the decision as after you've read it once, you don't really have a reason to go back to it. You know the joke midway through, so no reason to reread it unless you enjoyed the delivery.

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