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So where the hay have I been anyway? · 9:10pm Apr 17th, 2013

Unlikely though it may be, some of you might have noticed that I kinda vanished from FiMFiction there for a while. Do not be alarmed: I'm still alive. More or less, anyway.

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Finally got a fimfiction account. :3

Just popping in to say hi. I always enjoy reading your comments - whether or not it's related to me or not, which it it usually isn't.


261576 As long as the general populace is portrayed as treated at least as neutral and the culture itself is treated respectfully, then there is not much harm.

If you're going for old Eastern Europe, then I guess you'll be modelling on Romania (where Transylvania is located). Taking a few pages from Ceausescu would work for describing Chrysalis' rule.

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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