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On my way of exploring the art of translation. :)


Nice to meet you!

Hello there! Thank you for clicking into my user page. Nice to meet you!

Would you like me to introduce myself? Well, I'm a college student from China. You can call me Flint if you want. :twilightsmile:

I like music; I like books; I like other ponies just like you. I'm happy to be part of Fimfiction. And in my spare time, I do translation for fun and as practice -- my English isn't so fluent presently, but I'm learning!

Besides on Fimfiction, I also got my account on FimTale (which is quite similar to Fimfiction, but a Chinese site). I've got several translation works (and some original ones) over there. If you are learning Chinese, I figure maybe you'd like to check them out? Nothing could be better than watching ponies and getting language skills at the same time ,right? :yay:

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Thanks for adding PinkieShy to your reading list! I really appreciate it!

Well, I'm happy you liked it ^^

:rainbowlaugh: Yeah, I saw that comic a while ago and when I saw your title and that cover art I clicked in immediately. It was a fun read.

Thank you for adding my story Pipp Sandwich :twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding my story ^^

They surely are. That's why I follow you after all. :derpytongue2:

Thank you for the follow; I hope my future work is worthy of your attention.

Edit, because I don’t like commenting twice while I’m still on a user’s page: Thank you for the favorites and for adding my works to your shelves; I’m glad you enjoyed them.

Thank you so much for the follow!

You are welcome.

Twilight's immortality is a very common topic, but you did well on it. Thanks for the good work. :twilightsmile:

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