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I translate things into Chinese. :D



Nice to meet you!

Hello there! Thank you for clicking into my user page. Nice to meet you!

Would you like me to introduce myself? Well, I'm a college student from China. You can call me Flint if you want. :twilightsmile:

I like music; I like books; I like other ponies just like you. I'm happy to be part of Fimfiction. And in my spare time, I do translation for fun and as practice -- my English isn't so fluent presently, but I'm learning!

Besides on Fimfiction, I also got my account on FimTale (which is quite similar to Fimfiction, but a Chinese site). I've got several translation works (and some original ones) over there. If you are learning Chinese, I figure maybe you'd like to check them out? Nothing could be better than watching ponies and getting language skills at the same time ,right? :yay:

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Yes for sure. :twilightsmile:

I've been following you for a little while. It's really nice to see you updating blogs. They cheer people up and give them a little laugh. I'm hardly post things here, though. I mainly watch and read, and I would like to a positive pony too. :heart:

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Thanks for your replying. Yay~

If you’re referring to the series as a whole, you use “it”
But if you are referring to individual stories in a series, you use “them”

Oops, my poor memory. :facehoof:

I hope my English didn't confuse you. I always get unsure about when to use a singular and when to use a plural.

I noticed you wrote a “Detective Nyx” series. Maybe I will try it sometime.

As you can see, I can say "a series of stories", and I "will try them"(stories). But, when I think this series as a whole, should I say "I will try it"? Is that correct?

Thanks for the follow

It's actually called "My little investigations"
Also, I've got a detective story series

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