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Deep in the Royal Library is a book. A terrible book that is said to send whoever reads it mad. A book so dangerous that it has to be hidden away and secured with chains to prevent it from ever being opened.

A book which has just been accidently checked out by Spike on behalf of Twilight Sparkle.

The Star In Yellow is rising once more, and only Rainbow Dash and Spike can save Twilight before it's too late. Ideas live forever. Ponies do not.

This fic is loosely inspired by the 19th century story 'The King In Yellow'.

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Wait, this is up here now? Awesome! One of my favorite stories; glad I can track it with ease now.


Oh yes, I've been convinced into trying out Fimfic and it is indeed quite snazzy!

Chapter 3 is coming along nicely and will be up very soon (he says!). I'm 8000 words into it, and though I could cut it into 3k chunks for some cheap updates on EqD I'm determined to keep it as one chapter, since this is supposed to be a three-act story, even though the last chapter may end up being longer than the rest put together! :twilightoops:

That chapter didn't turn how I thought it would. I am definitely going to keep reading.

Yus! How did I know Twilight would be the sort who compulsively scribbles in the margins? :twilightblush:

99230 In the words of the 3rd best pony: Yay.

Looking forward to the conclusion.

This is creepy as heck!!! Can't wait for more!

This is creepy as heck!!! Can't wait for more!

This is creepy as heck!!! Can't wait for more!

"a huge creature with the body of a snake but the head and wings of a dragon"

Um. That would be a dragon, wouldn't it? A dragon is a huge snake with wings.


Snakes don't have limbs though. I guess you could say it was a chinese dragon, but they tend to have little limbs too I think, or no wings.

Oh Dear, Twilight and Sinister books. This tale looks promising :twilightsmile:

Star in Yellow is on Fimfiction! Excellent!

w00t w00t! I read this on eqd, glad to see it up on fimfic! looking forward to the final chapter!

They do have tiny limbs.
Nice! I'm tracking.
(shameless self-promotion) Check out my story, if you would, please.:fluttershysad:

GASP! one of my favorite stories! I remember checking your DA page to see if there was an update a few times, loved it then and i love it now!

Oh god, twilight what have you done!?!?? End of equestria as we know it. This story needs more flutter shy. And you said ch 3 had 8000 words? That's crazy! Biggest one I've read was 4000




The reason for that is that I had to cut chapter 3 in half, because if I'd have uploaded 15000 words as one chunk i'd have been strung up! :)

Nice reveal at the end. I feel I should have seen it coming, but fair's fair. I didn't.

Loved it! All of it! :eeyup: And I agree with what Baree said.

based upon what i've read so far, there is enough foreshadowing to hint at the idea that maybe Yellow Star is Celestia... At least, thats my assumption. Imma laugh if im right

pip is forever alone.

it was so sad....YET SO GOOD

Yay happy ending! I always get nervous reading grim or dark and generally Avoid sad fics all together but I'm glad everything turned out good in the end. Great work I really enjoyed it :pinkiehappy:

“I’m the mailmare Rainbow Dash, not you! Try doing your own job for once, you... you...


Excellent ending I had a feeling it was Celly's book. Loved it.

Aw man, I really thought that this was leading up to a confrontation between Yellowstar and Dainbow Rash.

As I'm reading the last bit of Chapter 2, "For the Reunion" from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children soundtrack starts playing. A more appropriate musical accompaniment could not have existed, that was creepy and terrifying.

This is supposed to be a seriously stressful situation in a surreal story
Yet this chapter was hilarious :pinkiecrazy:

Wow, this was something else :rainbowhuh:
Good show, jolly good show :eeyup:

"Of course Twilight Sparkle my most faithful friend. I always save the day."

And then Yellowstar was Jesus.

The metalogics of it all is pretty interesting, modulated by how simple their manner of speaking is.

good prize.


Loved this. It was dark, but still kept so much of the show's atmosphere. It was well-written, you spelt colour with a "u", it had some scary moments and I read it all in one sitting. Faved.

Also, gonna check out The King In Yellow

This is the one time I'll ever be full of anticipation and laughing my head off at the same time! :rainbowlaugh:



Yes it's important to spell words correctly! For Queen and country, pip pip!

The actual book 'The King In Yellow' is very strange but also very good. Don't go in expecting a detailed plot though, it's more about atmosphere than anything else.

So this is probably the best-written fan fic I've read in years.

The humor in this story has been top notch throughout. It all feels like humor that would be in the actual show, and I laughed out loud once at one of the jokes.

Amazing. It was like an episode of the show. 5/5

Awesome story, But as I was reading I was wandering, What if Celestia Wrote a clopfic?


That's the racy continental adaption!

Damnit to hell Blueshift; every time I open one of your stories I find myself unable to stop until it's over. So now, not only am I reading fan fiction at 2 in the morning, but I'm also really creeped out and probably won't be able to sleep even once I'm done. :trixieshiftleft: Why are you so awesome?!

That was the ending Twilight never got to read. :trollestia:

But as for the story, I... I think it surpassed Fallout:Equestria. And I LOVE Fallout:Equestria. I mean... and the reveal... and that means Silver Crescent was... oh man I have to go distract myself from all this awesome.


Thanks, it is comments like these that make me grin ear to ear and inspire me to keep writing! I do think this is easily my best story so far, it's just a shame that it hasn't got the same sort of buzz from the fandom as some of my other, shorter, sillier ones. Tell your family and friends! (Well, maybe not your family. "Mum, mum, you have to read this My Little Pony fanfiction!")

This story is like the realtimes story. In our fantasy all things that become wrighting in books, here or anwere can be real. You have done a grait job.

Content: :yay: This is brilliant, there's nothing else I can say about it.
Effectiveness: :rainbowlaugh::raritycry: I love stories that can make you burst out laughing and bring you to tears. There is so much emotion in this, and it really pays off.
Memorabilia: :yay: Seriously. It's these sorts of fanfics that made me fall in love with MLP, and it's these sorts of fanfics that are probably going to stay with me forever.
Continuity: :pinkiehappy: You really dug into the fandom here, especially with a certain character's history. Dash burning books -again-? I'm gonna have to guess that's a reference to -something- so go you!
Overall: :raritystarry:

Have all my yays... ALL OF THEM!

Excellent story.

Injecting some humor into it with Dash and Spike maintained the feel of the show while Twilight descended into madness and doom, and the twist ending made for a satisfying conclusion.

+1 quality twist ending for making it unexpected, yet if you look back over the story you can still say "oh yeah, that makes complete sense!".

this story is the one to never put down!

Yay! tSiY is on on FimFiction! I finally have a reason to actually read it! :derpytongue2:

I know I'm like three months late in reading this, but I was sent here by reading a blog from a clopfic author. Very, very relevant. Anyway, this fic receives nothing but praise from me.

I have to say, the personalizations were done very well. Perhaps Rainbow Dash's brashness could be toned down a bit, but it's nothing big. Silver Crescent and Yellowstar were done in a way that's oddly simplistic to the point where it could almost be seen as scary, which is a good thing. Saddle Stitch however, was by far, my favorite of your characterizations. I loved his sarcastic attitude, and he generally added a new look to the type of pony which isn't often done well in other works.

The plot was great, and even a dumbed down and severely shortened overview would at least spark some sort of thought. Concerning the twist ending, it really gets you thinking, maybe making some connections of your own. I can honestly say, I haven't really felt that way from literature before.

I'm probably rambling though, so I guess it should be pretty self-explanatory why I'm saying all this. Oh, and the references were numerous, and great. Pretty humorous, yet somehow not detracting from the serious tone of the story. They were all okay, but the one reference that Princess Celestia made... Genius.


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