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Rainbow Dash is determined to get married. The most successful apple orchard in Equestrian history is going broke. Pinkie Pie is unemployed.

Twilight is finding all this rather suspicious. Is she really the only honest pony in Ponyville? And can she keep it that way?

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Blueshift, never change. Especially colors. Calling you Redshift or Yellowshift would be weird. :applejackconfused:


Bizarrely enough, Redshift came first! Though that was on a Transformers game, he didn't follow me into the pony!

I still ship Blueshift X Redshift.

Arcainum #4 · Apr 27th, 2014 · · 45 ·


"Horseapples" is a terrible pony curse, you should've used "buck" instead.


I foolishly listened to someone terrible who told me not to use 'buck'!

That was truly too glorious. Too glorious. Ow.


I have to wonder what Fluttershy does to avoid taxes?

I find it hilarious that Fluttershy knew Rainbow's scheme as soon as she saw the date. It's my headcannon that she does this every year and Fluttershy always gets her hopes up. :fluttercry:

4300758 What, who would tell you to do that, they sound like an idiot. "Buck" is clearly the superior pony curse word. I mean, it makes so much sense, it's punny, and it's not naff at all.

First off, which Transformers game?

Secondly, oh god, there could be countless alternate versions of Blueshift out there, populating the entire world! Who knows when one could strike, claiming the title of shift for himself! :raritydespair:

oh my faust, i've never wanted to hit so many ponies as much as when i read this. still an awesome story! oh, and at least rainbow dash did some 'good', even if it was for a selfish reason.


I was in two minds on Fluttershy. I thought maybe she would try and set up a fake charity, but really, she just sits in her hut in the woods playing with animals. She's probably not even registered on the electoral roll. :fluttershysad:


Very oldschool telnet-based MUSH. If that sounds like 'mumblemumblemumble' to you, then thank goodness, my total sadness levels are successfully disguised!

:rainbowlaugh: Great story here.

Is that the MUD stuff for old school text-based games?

Oh, sweet, I didn't know there was a Transformers version for that. And here I thought I was the biggest Transformers nerd ever! :rainbowlaugh:


It is sadly way past its glory days (which is totally when I was running it, cough cough)

Good all the way through. And then that ending... :rainbowlaugh:

Untrue. Transformers is always in its glory days. Except Beast Wars. In comparison to everything else, it did not age well. :twilightoops:

R U kiddin meh?
You couldn't work an April Fools twist in there?
Slippin bro, slippin.

It seems as if not even Celestia is beyond temptation...

Comment posted by Samurai_Shippo deleted Apr 28th, 2014

Poor Twilight. Just go with the flow, newly-placed princess of ponies... just go with the flow...

It's like these ponies can't do proper tax math... oh wait.


4300801 That makes Applejack's job sound rather questionable...

Twilight's First act as a Princess: Take over the Taxation office and Completely eliminate All Loopholes in their entirety. Declaring war on Aquantis, Crushing them in a Fit of Legislative righteousness, Folding them into the Equestrian Empire and Eliminating their Anarchic Den of Tax-freeness would likely be the second Item on her list.

Well if Celestia does it then it MUST be alright. :rainbowkiss:

That was good.
Also, I sort of want to beat every single pony in this story except Twilight with my fists.

Sweet mercy that was hilarious!

I almost peed myself from laughter

Wow, Rainbow Dash was actually villainous in this.

Um, you are aware that profits from hobbies are taxed right! It's just that it's so rare people don't realize it.

It's been too long since I read a good comedy like this. :rainbowlaugh:


With your fists? Uh, what else would you use to beat them down with?

4303757 A large, smelly, still living fish. Halibut perhaps. Just grasp it firmly by the tail and batter them about the face with a gasping fish.

See, this is why I support a flat tax. 18% across the board.

Very funny, Bluey... Can I call you Bluey? Anywho, Bluey, it's rare that I actually laugh out loud reading a story, and I did several times during this one.

Huh, how did Dash manage to.spend so much? Isn't the tax taken out by your employer before.you are paid, leaving only a small amount due remaining during tax time? I mean its a government job, normaly the tax rate is calculated so finely there is barely a cent owed. Oh wait, I forgot that Equestrian tax is based off the USA system...hmm

As a side note, most farmers only have an income once a year and technically run without an income for a large amount of the year, meaning that they are classified as destitute for a large percentage of the year. Amusingly because farming has such a low ROI, even in good years, that their resulting profits is only a very small percentage of their income, which lealads to some rather nice tax breaks....so ApplyJack, even if she did declare her cash.as.income, would probably still have a sizeable tax break....though that probably depends.on your local tax rules.

Rarity is just a cheat...or really sucked at her estimated income and screwed herself over by under paying during the last tax period.

.....why did I write any of that?

And this is way it's done automatically as you receive pay and buy things in Australia.

Well, it could have been worse. Celestia could have sung this song. :pinkiehappy: (I paid my income tax today by Gene Autry, created during WWII)

No wonder they can't afford a defence (changelings), secure prisons (discord) or actual security teams (nightmare moon).


No kidding, to the moon with the lot of them.

Oh Gods... my sides XD

A parallel universe in which she was the only reasonable pony left? What, you mean like what happened on Christmas?

Two tales that follow the same formula, and I love'em both. His slightly more than yours. It's longer and funnier. :trollestia:

Anyway, once Spike reaches an appropriate age, he will never again have to eat a marshmallowless breakfast.

I really think this must be an American thing, because the whole "everyone skips on their tax" idea is totally alien to me. Ridiculously rich corporations? Sure they do. But the idea that people regularly do this, and that by getting out of tax you're 'winning' something just seems utterly bizarre to me.
If I'm getting this totally wrong and/or someone has an explanation, feel free to inform me.

On a completely unrelated note, this was quite funny. :twilightsmile:

I do my taxes honestly, and still get a return every year.

Look at these faces, if you were paying attention you should know what they're thinking!
In more related news, yeah that was pretty funny. You'd think they would try to fix those wouldn't you?

Well Dash, congratulations. You're now a mother.... oh Celestia, no.....

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