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Aha! A worthy competitor for the contest! Talk about last minute though :rainbowwild:

Very pleasant read, a nice filler for the events immediately after the S1 premiere, and some very nice moments between Tia and Luna.

Best of luck to ya! :twilightsmile:


Very pleasant read, a nice filler for the events immediately after the S1 premiere

Might want to go and read it again :rainbowhuh:

Good luck to you in the contest! :twilightsmile:


This is what happens when I comment before reaching the end. Ugh.

Long mind numbing days at work.

4751887 Did...did you actually read this fic? I don't wish to be rude but it really comes across as you not actually having read the story...:unsuresweetie:

This is an enjoyable and heartwarming fic about Scootaloo, best one I've read in a while, good job Blueshift


See my comment below. I'm barely even awake right now, exhausted from work today.

Maybe I'll have a proper read when I'm fully conscious.

A very nice read, not too often I see a dreamfic I like :pinkiehappy:

Damn. I was all ready to write this off as a boring and unbalanced fic... and then I kept reading. Very nice. :ajsmug:


I live life on the edge

Oh god, I think I'm actually in pain from that ending.


4751917 No problem, I thought that might be the case. :rainbowlaugh: Go get some sleep, the fics will be there when you're rested.:twilightsmile:

I see what you did there. Nice bait and switch. :trollestia:

Holy crap. I did not see that one coming. Amazing story :pinkiehappy:

“How dare you forgive me? HOW DARE YOU?”

*reads it* Wait what?

Very nice. Love the twist.
Also: The Nightmare is pitiful, but we knew that.

Oh wow, that was brilliant. Nice twist at the end there.

A few minutes later, fifty scrolls of legislature had been transformed into a happily roaring fire in the middle of Celestia’s bedroom, over which two ponies sat with gooey marshmallows affixed to sticks.

About time legislature was actually useful. :trollestia:

Anyway, that was certainly an intriguing twist...
Thanks for writing! :twilightsmile:

Wonderful twist and a haunting story.

Ten out of ten.

That plot twist...I did not see that coming. Usually, I can trust my insight to catch these kinds of things before they sneak up and hit me in the feels. I got sucker-punched through literature.

That was a great story I loved the twist even though it made me sad:fluttercry:I really thought this was going to be what happened when Luna returned amd then eenope really liked it though good job:twilightsmile:

Someone call M. Night Shyamalan, because that was a twist! :pinkiegasp:

feels.exe has become corrupt. :fluttercry:

Oooh. I like. It's obvious something is up pretty much from the get go, but I only knew what after it was revealed.

Poor Celestia though.

Impressive story and only one error:
"She shouted at loud as she could across the barren waste."

That said, this is fav'ed. ^.^

This is another chapter that makes me feel for luna. Imagine being awake and alone for a week. Then imagine no sound and cold for a thousand years. Ugh.


Fixed! Thanks! There's always one mistake I miss, no matter how many times I look over something I've written!

Misses the sad tag methinks.

4754314 In a story this short, the sad tag is just a blatant spoiler for the ending though

4751909 I know, right? It's about time Scootaloo got some love from the fandom. Why does everyone hate Scootaloo? I mean, she was voted 2nd most hated pony, just behind Twilight and was even voted worse then the dreaded Fluttershy!

:scootangel:Look at that face, who can say no to that face?

Geez... this fic... wow.

4754395 Kinda easy to be voted worse than Fluttershy, since, as I recall, an official Hasbro poll named her Best Pony.

4754665 #opposited day. I saw a poll once, and it said fluttershy was 3rd best pony, scootaloo was 2nd best, and Twigshine was oneth.


First of all how dare you...second of all HOW DARE YOU!

Well, way to impress upon me again the terror of 1000 years (again).
Knowing that this is after 100 years, that has felt like forever to them, and knowing the future...that's the scariest part of this fic.

Looks like my chances of winning have been drastically reduced...

I kid, I kid. A good piece, and one that had me thinking happy thoughts until the big twist.

Best of luck in the contest!

4754175 And my work here is done. -.-

Wow, that right there just ruined my mood in the best possible way.
fucking brilliant.
oh yeah and reviewing the comments i must say screw scootaloo.
the only character in the show more useless than that putz spike.
aaaaaand now i wait for the massive amounts of hate comments to me on why spike isn't pathetic.

Added to Sad Luna

4755396 Oh cool, cheers!

Aw man... I wanted a story to warm my heart, not violently rip it out of my ribcage.

4755568 Ah, but without true sadness, true happiness is meaningless.

I'm fed up with sadness.

Hello, I am Blueshift, and I am a monster.


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