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Not dead yet.


1000 words · 1:49pm May 30th, 2016

Goal is at least 1500, but this might be closer to 2000 when I'm done with it.

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Where the wild things are

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Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for the watch
Welcome to the dungeon

For when you go back to writing "Fattyville", can you do my OC, Royal Sweets, stuffing somepony (you can choose) with sweets? She's slightly chubby, pink (kind of purplish reddish pinkish) with a REEEEEALLY poofy blue and purple mane and tail, she also has freckles, her cutie mark is a cupcake with a crown, also, she's smiling 99.99999999 percent of the time. She also wears a bow tie all the time, and she also has a lisp (I hope you know what a lisp is). Plz and thank you, PLEASE DO MY SUGGESTION I REALLY LIKE FATTYVILLE. :yay: :derpytongue2:

1526805 Congrats! Are you going to be the cool uncle?


Everything is awesome for me. Doing well in college and going to be an uncle in less than a month.

1525425 I feel like someone who regularly consumes large amounts of nachos and off-brand soda. So, good, I guess. Yourself?

Wazzup, greydoran? How are things going for you this month? :pinkiesmile:

1454189 You insult me and make a request, then come along and clarify the insult just in case I didn't get it? What are you, five?


Thank you kindly for the follow! I hope you enjoy the stories!

1109222 They all got diabeetus and died of H1N1.

1100951 Fattyville exploded due to a nuke lol

Hey, thank you for the watch!

When is the next chapter of Fattyville going to be?

Comment posted by Bubble Binary deleted May 10th, 2013
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