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More stories coming · 2:12am Jul 13th, 2015

So, I had a few stories lined up, but due to lack of self worth I haven't found them worth posting until recently.

You can look forward to a few new stories/ideas soon. Here are just a few ideas I've gotten from some of you kind people and crazy ideas running in my head.

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Stuck in a rut as far as fics go. I'd like to make more, but I haven't gotten any ideas as what to write.
There's always a chance I can come back to write something, but don't count on it.
Sucks too because the bigpone community seems kinda dead now.

Are you more or less done with fics?

Comment posted by The Red Butcher deleted Aug 5th, 2016

1673387 well... I don't really go for the rule 63 stuff really. That and it seems wrong to alter your creative vision for a story. It seems kind of weird to say that actually considering the amount of futa I've written.

I just don't like seeing someone's story get downvoted because someone else is insecure and the very idea of something they don't like existing bothers them enough to thumbs it down. Everyone should be able to make what they want and enjoy what they want.

You know... you should bridge the gap one day. Maybe try writing a fic in which a male and female character are inflated together. Now that would be rather new and interesting.

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