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JDM Pon3

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Thanks for following me right back at you.:pinkiehappy: So what made you decided to follow me if you don't mind me asking?

1110468 ah yes :P sorry about the VERY very late follow ;w;

Heeeya! I like muffins and cartoon horses!

Happy random follow day :pinkiecrazy:

Feel free to return it (Or not!)

931480 Oh your welcome

Hey, thank you for the watch!

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life of a jdm pony

started as a young foal, always riding in the back of a GTR32 coverted into a pickup :rainbowdetermined2: ever since that incounter of riding in the back, with its RB26TT waling in the night he knew he was greated with racing, hence his rev gage/jdm logo cutie mark, now hes a proud owner of a old rat VW golf :3