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Love ponies? Love cars? If so, you're in the right place! A group for stories featuring our favorite ponies and automobiles.

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Just popping in to say hi, how yall doin?

Hi guys. I know a great site where I bought the cadillac xt4 foster city. I really like this car and drive it almost every day. Best purchase I've made in the last 7 years https://findacar.today/madison-heights-michigan . If you ever want to buy a great car for great money sometime in your life too, go here

If you love cars and ponies, be sure to check out my fanfiction "Vinyl's New Wheels" and its sequel, because DJ PON3 is getting a new car! That is, a mighty GT-R!

Can I join? Too bad I already did LOL.

Hi again! I got notification for this one, hence a prompter reply, lol! :raritywink:

(I have a second profile now)

Hi again!

Because I really like cars and I figured I couldn't possibly be alone in liking both cars and ponies. And I was right - apparently there are more than twenty of us! :raritywink:

Sorry for the delay in responding, I haven't been getting notifications for forum posts or group comments.

OK. What do we have here? (Quiz)

Question 1:
What motivated you to start this group AlwaysDressesInStyle?

Thanks! I'll check it out. :)

I already posted it in the cars in Equestria folder. It's called Detour.


I'm unfamiliar with that one - by any chance do you remember the name it?

New to the whole groups thing, but one story I read fits this well.. Guy flying a C-130 carrying a dodge ram and a Ferrari jumps into Equestria..

I'm gonna love this group!


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