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Love ponies? Love cars? If so, you're in the right place! A group for stories featuring our favorite ponies and automobiles.

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If you love cars and ponies, be sure to check out my fanfiction "Vinyl's New Wheels" and its sequel, because DJ PON3 is getting a new car! That is, a mighty GT-R!

Can I join? Too bad I already did LOL.

Hi again! I got notification for this one, hence a prompter reply, lol! :raritywink:

(I have a second profile now)

Hi again!

Because I really like cars and I figured I couldn't possibly be alone in liking both cars and ponies. And I was right - apparently there are more than twenty of us! :raritywink:

Sorry for the delay in responding, I haven't been getting notifications for forum posts or group comments.

OK. What do we have here? (Quiz)

Question 1:
What motivated you to start this group AlwaysDressesInStyle?

Thanks! I'll check it out. :)

I already posted it in the cars in Equestria folder. It's called Detour.


I'm unfamiliar with that one - by any chance do you remember the name it?

New to the whole groups thing, but one story I read fits this well.. Guy flying a C-130 carrying a dodge ram and a Ferrari jumps into Equestria..

I'm gonna love this group!


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