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Welcome to The Speed Connection, where the best drivers in Equestria gather to show of their tales and expolits of racing. Whether it be on the circuit or on the street, professional or illegal, there is a little something for everycreature.

But first, we need to go over where to put your stories of racing heroism. If your story is more professional and held on the racetrack, it belongs in the 'Professional' folder. If you story is held on the streets, with the cops looking to bust you, then it belongs in the 'Illegial' folder. In each folder, will be sub-folders for each event type. So put your story in the sub-folder that fits your story.

Also, these stories are RACING ONLY. If racing isn't a main part of a story, you are not allowed to post it here. Any other stories will be removed. And remember, keep the forums clean in case you decide to have a discussion. Any things that are regarded as inappropriate will be dealt with accordingly, along with the user that posted it.

That's all, see you on the track!

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Personally, there could be a sub-folder for any story that is an anthology

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