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Who doesn't love a little infidelity? Mr. Cake enjoys having a little pie on the side, so what's the problem?

Post your CakePie stories here!

We're equal opportunists here, so if you have a story involving a lesbian tryst between Cup Cake and Pinkie, that's also welcome.

Whether it's a consensual threeway, femdom, rape or a family-wide orgy. Whatever you have, as long as it involves Pinkie Pie and the Cakes, it's welcome here.

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Couldn't wait for 'The Pink Temptation' to update.
Wrote my own CarrotPie.

308071 Literally wrote a clop fic of this exact thing yesterday without knowing about this forum. It was fate I tell ya! Now I just need a proof reader.

I find the lack of CakePies disturbing.

;_; R.I.P. Richard.

Excellent, I look forward to reading some Creamed Pie, if you know what I mean. :ajsmug:

There are only two CakePie clopfics on this site as of April 18, 2013? Seriously?

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