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Returning to Writing · 6:15am January 26th

Yes, after a long break in activity, I have come back to writing and hope to get something posted soon.

I thought about what I'd say in a journal like this if and when the time came where I decided to come back. I thought about explaining my case, talk about the deep depressive pit I fell into and came dangerously close to ending it all, and I could talk about how those feelings are still ever present even as I write this journal.

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please be alive if still alive there lot people who miss you!


Boy oh boy, you don't know how to subtly say anything without immediately resorting to angry insults, huh? It seems like I'm not the only one who's a little challenged.

Oh fuck off, it's people being mushy because they're sad that someone they liked has died. Quit being a cunt to people who are mourning a death. And the only person I see grabbing attention and going "ME ME ME" right now is YOU, you empathy-challenged piece of shit.

Thank you Scribe, I will always remember the long talks we had and the wonderful stories you wrote.
You really do mean the world to me. I just wish I'd told you that more often. Be at peace, my friend.

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