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A frequent pegasus who posts infrequent stories.

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Returning to Writing · 6:15am Jan 26th, 2018

Yes, after a long break in activity, I have come back to writing and hope to get something posted soon.

I thought about what I'd say in a journal like this if and when the time came where I decided to come back. I thought about explaining my case, talk about the deep depressive pit I fell into and came dangerously close to ending it all, and I could talk about how those feelings are still ever present even as I write this journal.

But then I thought "who would really want to know? they just want to read the stories" so I realized how much of a waste of time that would have been. So instead of going into detail about the "why" I'll just skip to what everyone really wants to know about: the stories.

I've been back and forth on this decision for months now, but have decided to start posting again. I have a bit of a backlog to post so once I've put the finishing touches on them, I'll be back to posting infrequent stories.


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Comments ( 6 )

I sure hope you feel better scribe if you need anyone to talk to. Just poke at me. I'd be happy to just listen to you vent and such.

Hey man, I'm a big fan of your stories. This one 4782058 right here basically got me into all of this diaper stuff, and you're one of the writers who does really good work. I'm really sorry to hear about your mental state, and while I do enjoy your stories and want to see more of them, the individual is more important to me, especially in cases such as this. I'm aspiring to be a psychologist, so helping you also indirectly helps me to an extent.

I know things can be rough, and you may feel like nobody gives a damn, but you'd be surprised about how many people actually take you into consideration. Maybe just for the writing, but others like myself and Akinyi care about you as a person. I may not know you, even as an acquaintance, but that can change.

If you need someone to speak to, hit me up. Here, or on Discord at 3to1Go#4720.

My best wishes for you, normally I would offer art for a pick me up to help to help in the moral department, but I am a little busy with my art portfolio at the moment so that out for now. I hope things will go better for you soon and it is good to hear from you again, I had been wondering what was going on with you. if you come to me in a few months you can come to me for art you might need

Woooooooooooooooooo, I am glad to see you back in action!

Hope you're okay.

Glad to see you back, sorry to hear what's been keeping you away. Hang in there and i definitely hope things perk up in the life department. Your health and wellbeing is always more important than your stories, no matter how good they are. <3

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