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Twilight helps Starlight regress, caring for her like a foal.

Commission for Anonymous

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diaper usage, mental regression, or diaper lover themes. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 21 )

Not bad, though I didn't really pick up any sort of TwiStar romantic undertones so I don't see why the romance tag was needed. Still, this was a cute little fic. :twilightsmile:

I am not a fan of breastfeeding, though I would want that it didn't happened, still,it was a great excuse for Starlight fill her diaper while distracted! :twilightsmile:

That indeed was a cute little story! Good work! :pinkiesmile:

Just want to say before I read the other chapters is that when you say 'don't' young ponies don't really listen like I.

Great fanfic Twilight is a REALLY good friend for going that. :pinkiehappy:

7784838 I agree. I'm disabled and unable to do it for myself. I confided in one special friend who understood and was happy to help me out. I was so thankful.

I have been known to enjoy sitting down for a cup of tea once andin a while

or something like that?

“I’ve been doing some research on everything I had on taking care of foal,

I think should be "foals" or "a foal"; either works.

(like the story; just can't let go of pedantic tendencies sometimes, sorry)

Very nice story :)

I would think Starlight would seriously object to wearing an inhibitor ring. Magic is extremely important to her identity. Also this is all going a little too easy for them. Your stories often are cute and charming but quite weak unfortunately. Try to introduce more conflict, maybe that Starlight is very stressed and Twilight somewhat forces it. Maybe also that Twilight actually fumbles and makes mistakes or that Starlight isn't so cooperative.
Not to mention I would think it would be a little more difficult for Starlight to switch in and out of character.

I think the story could be stronger if you let Twilight put up with Starlight messy diaper just so that she doesn't break the mood.
An extra paragraph between her relaxing and Starlight messing in which you describe Twilight's relaxed mind and the atmosphere would greatly help. Now it just moves from one thing to the next.

I wasn't expecting this but cute either way.

I totally saw the breastfeeding coming.

We need more stories like this. There really aren't that many padded Starlight stories out there. Aside from this one, the only one I can think of is Starlight's Secret.

The timing seems a bit off. She gets lunch and a change, then first Twilight says it'stime for her nap but suddenly it's nighttime.

That bugged me a little but other than that it's very cute so far.

Starlight is one who I could genuinely believe could turn out to be an Adult Foal. Most I know, including myself, are individuals who come from childhoods that were disrupted in some way. The traumas making the mind desire a way to reclaim what it deeply feels it has lost.

In Starlight's case she has that whole calamity with losing Sunburst. It's not discussed but it doesn't seem she got a lot of support in dealing with the loss of her one true friend. She coped through her anger towards Cutie Marks but I'm certain she always had a part of her desiring to go back when life wasn't all about getting Cutie Marks and wondering when you'd be abandoned.

I wrote a story that kind of touches on this called "Starlight's Lunar Therapy". It really is something when you dig down and realize a lot of Adult Foals are simply just trying to find ways to cope with traumas that made their minds feel as if they need to get back to a happier and simpler time. :)

How did she wet hersfl twice once in the pan of an hour ? Bladder isn't that fast unles you drank a ton

Comment posted by Starlight Glimmer1 deleted Sep 21st, 2017

I can't even speak. This fic is just so adorable.

Starlight felt so little being on the table with a messy diaper. She could feel large swells of excitement, embarrassment, and childlike giddiness swarm her body, giving her butterflies. She could only blush, bashfully hiding her face behind shy hooves as Twilight changed her so tenderly.

That's just cute.

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