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Last minute shopping for her Nightmare Night costume leads Twilight Sparkle into a shop that's sells her a rather peculiar costume.

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diaper usage or diaper lover themes. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

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Was that costume enchanted to cause mental regression?

7681172 most likely

I wish there were more content after what happened that night.

7681194 Bring it on...

100% enchanted

u should ask or read thing on Halloween night/nightmare night.

For some reason, the name reminded me of Little Shop of Horrors

That's what I think should have been included. Makes the experience more genuine and reasonable. Instead of Twilight "suddenly randomly" regressing because of a costume.

Nice story scribe-feather. I was wondering, can you make a sequel that continues after:

"Luna's ears then perked up at the sound of dribbling water that splattered nothing short of two feet away from her. She quickly glanced to her side to see a bead of urine dribble off Twilight's hoof. The diapered pony's inner thighs were now slick and shiny with dampness.

"I believe a diaper change will be needed before your nap," Luna thought out loud, expecting no response from the slumbering pony. She took a cautious closer look at the Twilight's diaper that was now incredibly saggy with pee leaking out the leg gatherers. "Dire need of one..."

And with that Luna carefully carried Twilight up to her room where she hoped an extra diaper could be found."


Not usually a fan of mental regression but it was subtle enough here that I actually liked it.

Am I starting to develop an obsession with mental regression? I've already lost count of how many stories I've read today that included mental regression.

I remember that movie.

Aww, I wish it continued a little more

Dawww poor twily

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