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Weeks have passed and Celestia still hasn't awoken from her long slumber. With Twilight standing guard, Luna ventures deep into her sister's dreamscape in hopes that she can find a way to wake her up.

Anonymous Commission

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diaper usage, mental regression, or adult baby themes. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

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It's kinda chunky in the early parts when it's still trying to get it's main plot moving (though this could just be the nature of the commission). The second half of chapter two seemed to have some strange format issues.

Otherwise I like it so far. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Nice idea with the "dream-nursery". But I think we all know how that will end for little Lulu ;)

I'm looking forward to more^^

What exactly is Twilight expected to look out for?

Luna is doing her duties in Celestia's dream? How does that work?
Also Phosphor doesn't really seem to try to get Celestia to use the potty.

Is this suppose to be a sequel to "Potty Break"?

Ah, so this is a sequel to "Potty Break"?

I have a feeling that something will go horribly wrong soon.

I suspect the whole intent of this, is that since Discord affected Celestia at the end of "Potty Break", he's been looking for a way to do the same to Luna.

He clearly has some sort of goal in mind with seeing the two ponies that defeated him the first time stuck as helpless foals.

It's great so far, i hope it will get even better as it goes on:pinkiehappy:

Next chapter, I suspect Luna is going to start to regress like Celestia did.

Great chapter as usual, now the fun part is beginning. I always like progressive regressive mind-control, where the character is gradually growing accustom to the adult baby paraphernalia. There is aways something in theres stories that make it sound so much fun seeing a characters gradually losing his dignities, pride and autonomy over someone else.

This is getting ridiculous :facehoof:

Hmm, so he's sticking them in some sort of eternal dream/alternate reality. I'd make a Naruto joke, but that would be a MAJOR spoiler

This chapter kind of feels like a transition, not much really happened.

So Luna is starting her first step toward foaldom, can't wait to see what will append next.:pinkiehappy: I wander who or what is this Phosphor, is she some sort of mind parasite?

6583560 luna used her pullup for the first time

Seems shes a creation of Discord especially if this is as most of us believe a sequel to 'Potty Break'

6583701 I want to think that nothing bad will happen to Equestria if they choose to remain babies.

What if every time she uses the potty, she wets herself in real life? :rainbowhuh:

Luna is starting to slowly regress, just like Celestia did.

I have a feeling Luna will regress to foalhood just like Celestia...

Just as Discord planned.

now we are really getting into it. what can possessedly happen now?

The synopsis makes this story sound like a sequel. Is it a sequel?

6702360, it's hinted to be a sequel to "Potty Break".

I have a feeling Luna will be "eaten" by her dreamscape.

And then Discord will be pleased...until Fluttershy reins him in.

It looks like Luna has pretty much secumbed to the same thing that affected her sister.

6834653 And is slowly doing so

Discord's gonna be in for it when Fluttershy catches him.

Twilight frozen, ramrod.

- Perhaps you mean "ramrod-straight"?

Still, it looks like everything will be back to normal...mostly.

Huh, not how I thought this was going to end. I thought Luna was going to slowly regress to Celestia's level and be turned into a foal, trapped in the same dream.

6844346 Hmmm
Perhaps they've gone deeper?

6844944 I smell a sequel, or maybe that's just Celestia's diaper

Hehehe silly twilight. You can't comprehend the delight diapers are~

What did you get yourself into Luna?

I really hope that Luna can get Celestia out of the dream world.

This better not be a repeat of "Potty Break".

Just by reading the title, I kind of guessed that Luna would decide to wet herself. And I was right.:twilightsmile:

Twilight is still standing guard too.

But if that's the case then every time Celestia went in the diaper then she'd wet herself IRL too.

SO INTREGED did discord write that?I think he did

I bet discord did that

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