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winter wrap up is coming: an idea for an ASOIF/MLP crossover · 4:10am Jul 17th, 2016

My problem is that I don't really know enough about ASOIF to write the actual crossover.

My thought process:

So, the white walkers of ASOIAF are almost an OCP for the rest of their own setting. However, against the might of an entire race of magic users with control over the seasons, they're not such OCP's. Even if, somehow, dragonfire and things created with it turn out to be the only things that can put them down (I reject this possibility on the grounds that they have never had to face anything quite like a mountain busting beam of raw magic, which the ponies can do if they get desperate and have their alicorns combine their powers, nevermind the freaking Elements of Harmony, discord, or the numerous other crazy artifacts in the setting), well, Spike is a baby dragon with ridiculously powerful firebreath (see: melting a big bunch of ice in one shot), so the ponies should have no trouble crafting lots and lots of valerian-steel equivalents.

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