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With the aid of a newly hired royal caretaker Princess Celestia adopts a new life with less stress and worry.

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diapers, diaper usage, or adult baby themes. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

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Welp, I do love Celestia focused regression stories. My largest concern right now is why Luna hasn't showed up yet. (Also, wasn't Phosphor the nanny in Potty Break?)

Seems interesting so far, let's see where this goes.

5861039 I'm wondering that as well, and I'm curious as to why Cadence is listed as a character in this fic.

Best Foalsitter Ever Obviously

Interesting... I keep an eye on this one^^

Mental Regression? I'm down for it.


I'm happy to see someone picked up on that!

Phosphor is also the name of the caretaker pony from "Potty Break". I decided to use her again for this story because of how underdeveloped she was in "Potty Break". I try to keep a tight grip on the characters I create, avoiding any two dimensional, throw away characters that are just there to fill up space.

5861307 Ah, so that was intentional.

Thus far the story is interesting and has my attention, I'll be glad to see where/if it continues to go. You're always a treat Scribe-Feather!
Neat methodology, and I look forward to seeing if I can keep picking up on it or if this is going to be the only time I can (unless Cadence counts).

5861307 wordsmith is also from something else I do so believe

Poor Princess Celestia, not only did she wet her pull-up, but her own sister found out. It's a good thing Luna was so considerate, though I can't help but wonder if she'll sneak in a tease about the situation from time to time.

Will the regression of Celestia carry disturbing undertones like in "Potty Break" or will it be light, fluffy and playful?

I will admit this story is good but the one thing I'm questioning is that, Why does Celestia not find this treatment more weird than she should? I mean Phosphor just said she was going to have Celestia be wearing and using diapers eventually and she doesn't have much of a reaction besides asking how that helps her sleep better. Shouldn't she be a little concerned about that?

Best diaper story I've read this year. Cannot wait for more.

The story will be much more light hearted than "Potty Break". The mental regression will come on much more naturally than the magical means that Discord used in "Potty Break". It's meant to be cute and therapeutic rather than subtly evil and mischievous.

I was worried about this part as well. The story needed to get past that threshold sooner or later so I took the literary leap to just flat out mention it. However, with some minor adjustments, I made it more subtle about how that's the final destination with the treatment.

5910866 I will admit this is a lot better, way more subtle than before, and less likely for Celestia to get as concerned and suspicious as she should have with how the chapter was before.
Also I think I have an idea of where this story may be going but I could be wrong.

5910866 The fact that it's not being done by Discord certainly helps.

what ever happened to the story potty break?

5940365 It's still up there, he hasn't taken it down last time I checked.

5941341 i can't find it can you send me a link

I think Princess Cadence knows Celestia's little secret.

Well She is the other main character so it makes sense

5987431 Well she is a foalsitter, and any well trained foalsitter would be able to tell when a pony is wearing a diaper (no matter how hard they might try to hide it).


Solving the social problems of world leaders since 1 A.D.

5988910 Probably even before that, though cake certainly couldn't solve the problems of Marie Antoniette. :twistnerd:

5987776 you know with that info, you think Cadence might end up looking after Celestia?
Also Errand, when will u continue Mother?

I'm working on the next chapter ^^ Luna, Twi, and Spike are headed to Canterlot my promise it will be a long chap.

And yeah it's likely she'll become Tia's foal sitter which will be awesome

5989779 Not to mention kind of ironic, considering she's supposedly wearing a diaper as well.

5990081 I wonder if she's kept her secret from even Shining Armor.

They are married if she wears diapers to bed like Tia i'm pretty sure he'd notice.

5990076 I guess that would be ironic. You know maybe the part of how Cadence first met Phosphor might make a good side story?

5994618 Maybe. I wonder if perhaps there would even be the possibility of a sequel where Phosphor tries the same treatment on either Twilight or Luna.

I feel you're missing the overall demeanor of princess Celestia; the actions she performs in this chapter seem not to fit her character.

“I-I’ll be right back!” Celestia suddenly yelped, dashing off away from the group. She quickly bolted towards the bathrooms while paying no mind to the looks she got from her irrational run.

Even though this is quite humiliating for her, it surprises me that she lost her cool that quickly. It seems that she is very calm from what I've seen of her in the beginning of the story, and in the show MLP: FiM itslef. But, this is still a very good story and it has a lot of potential. Good job! 8.9999999999/10 :trollestia:

6004610 Well, can you say for certain that if you were in Princess Celestia's situation, you'd remain calm?

That was cute, love seeing your work

So now Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence are playmates? Well, that just leaves Twilight as the only character listed on this fic that has yet to play her part in the story.

This sounds like it needs a sex tag. Why doesn't it have one?

Awww, cute ending. I liked this one. (Though I might be a bit biased as I love regression stories.)

Because while the material is fetish-y at times, there is never any sex or sexual situations.

That was cute

6316241 Probably because there is nothing to justify its existenxe. No actual sex occurrs in the fic, and neither does any sort of sexual situations or innuedos.

This was a cute story. But although I usually enjoy a good regression fic, I feel that what Celestia went through in later chapters was a bit excessive considering her duties as a ruler of Equestria. I understand that the intent was to get her to relax and not be so stressed, but everything that occurred seemed to indicate an end result of her having little to no responsibilites. And for the ruler of a nation, responsibilites are unavoidable.

That being said, this last chapter did a good enough job of showing Celestia could still be a ruler when necessary. And the point I brought up earlier was more of a nitpick than an actual crticism, and I still enjoyed the story regardless of that fact.


Because sex doesn't happen


Agreed. The last chapter was needed to show that, all things considered, she still is co-ruler of Equestria, and performs her duties as such.

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I would think Celestia would try to control and direct the treatment herself.

Did Luna have a hoof in that dream that made Celestia wet the bed?

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