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To be continued...



Twilight's new SpARK program and it's legendary lore attracts many ponies to examine what about the nursery makes it such a secret project. Following several alternative plot lines, what happens in the nursery is at the whim of the nursery's creator and its inhabitant's desire.

(Cover Art Provided By CuddleLamb: http://cuddlelamb.deviantart.com/)

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I could edit for ya. Send me a pm and ill give you my email.

Looks good so far. I'm looking forward to the next chapter^^

Can't wait for more

It's good so far and a nice take on a machine nursery . Hehe well at least sweetie in good hooves...sort of...

Twilight seems a little mean here. The very least she could do is try to explain to Sweetie Belle the importance of her research, if she's going to detain her and not give her any slack even when she's crying.

I like that Sweetie's being force-fed. Maybe she'll gain some weight as a result.

So, Mangle's helping Sweetie in that pic?:duck:

Great story. Keep it up mang.

well, it is your own fault, Sweetie Belle. You did say Foal when asked. Had you said Adult Foal, you would've probably been just fine

wow, twi. that just felt cold.

Then again, as i said before, it is your fault sweetie. You chose foal.

though that force feeding is really creeping me out.

This story has two major, major problems:
1. Frequent word substitution and spelling errors. For instance:

the Robot’s breast seized

Should be "ceased".

2. You aren't being anywhere near consistent enough regarding the AI. First, you have it say that there's no default time found, so the babying will continue indefinitely. Then, you have twilight saying she can't make changes arbitrarily (at least, not without ruining the system), yet clearly she's already made a change to it, since it will only last two weeks...because two weeks is not indefinite...

All in all, these two things have earned you...a downvote.

Let me know if you fix them.

.....well... that's that for me.
I was alright with the following that it was going to be another simple thing. But now I see where this is going.... I'm not going to down vote this but just understand this isn't really good in my point of view.

Seeing sweetie treated supposedly a toddler and now being demeaned to a foal without chance is one thing But Twilight unable to help out? She created the stupid thing and seen Sweetie belle's condition but ignored it. Wow twilight all this and no kill switch? Sorry but that's where i can't read this story anymore.

yes I have the story planned out to be a few chapters long, and yes I plan on updating it on a regular (7-14) day cycle as always.

And yet there hasn't been another chapter since the end of March. And the first chapter came at the end of February. And now we're in the middle of December. Are you going to continue this or not?


Against all doubts, I really do plan on continuing this. I have one chapter in storage, one that I wrote that is a piece of absoulute AB/DL hardcore smut that I've been reluctant on posting. Half because it'd be the first 'hard core' thing I've posted in about a year and half because once I've added a second story arch, I'll be tempted to do a third and forth, while I still have more of 'One More Time' to write.

Well, it’s been four years. So, can we assume that the story is dead?

Well, I'm working on two long stories atm (Holding Onto You and one that I'm dropping debuting in a few weeks), so those are my main priority going forward. But, I'm not opposed to continuing this story. I actually have a mostly completed draft to a third chapter of this story from 2015! :ajsmug:

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