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To be continued...


After having a mental breakdown, Scootaloo is promptly kicked out of her home and into the arms of her only supportive relative; her aunt and godmother Fluttershy. However, despite Fluttershy's expertise as a pediatrician, how she deals with Scootaloo's temperamental mental health becomes a true test of her skills as a caretaker and parent.

(Cover Art Creator: http://the-padded-room.deviantart.com )

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Interesting start. I will be watching this... Mental note, create a Scootaloo bookshelf at some point...

I love this. More please!

Wow, this is actually really good so far, I really like the realistic setting. There are typos all over it though that are a little distracting.

I thought Scootabuse wasn't a thing any more? Bleh.

Does this have any basis in real life, if so I'm sorry about what happened to you Oliver

Fortunately, a lot of the conflict that happens in Scootaloo's life in the story, didn't happen to me. I don't typically like to talk about my personal life, but it's worth noting that I have a pretty good home life, a stable job, a post-graduate education, and a stable social life.

I do often find myself so engrossed with the struggles of my fans, artist friends I personally know, and musicians I listen to that I think too I've become super-analytical; which to a degree is still a positive. I even am pursuing a degree and sociology because of it. However it's because I'm so engrossed in the interpersonal struggles of people and society that I find my role as an AB/DL artist who pushes and expresses his own feelings about the subject matter so important.

Like I think a lot of readers probably take it for granite, but a lot of the things I write about in my stories are just my own interpretation of letting go of self induced stigma. As well as a way to convey to age-play fetishist and non- age-play fetishist, the powerful feelings and of personal connectivity that is craved even by someone who commonly sees himself as an anomaly; like myself.

I'm not sure if I've exactly answered you statement the way you wanted. But no, the bad things that happened to Scotaloo are not necessarily reflected by my own personal burden in life. But yes, thoughts of Abandonment, Estrangement, Depression, Intimacy, Sexuality, Lust, and Loneliness do cloud my mind constantly and as long I live I will continue opening a dialog through the characters I create, so that people do critically think about those issues in a way that entertaining to dissect and interpret.

7407477 nicely explained, I think we all kinda deal with those things, but yeah you answered my question. :twilightsmile:

7405404 At least the story is cute overall

Well I for one always thought your stories were fantastic. I'm terribly sorry for what you've been going through.
Whenever I'm on my downs, I always come here to this site and enjoy some stories. I especially love your stories because they always put a smile to my face.

Thanks for the wonderful stories. :twilightsmile:

You sure like your baby scootaloo and fluttering stories. I do like how this one is breaking the mold though and dealing with the emotional issues that come with being abdl. It so far feels more mature in its handling and feelings, and I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter

Again, another good chapter that leaves me wanting more.:moustache:

Amazing! Can't wait for more! I usually hate all electric cars, but Tesla is badass.

Adorable. Is there anything else that needs to be said?

Hey, if you still feel down in the dumps sometimes, listen to italiobros stomp on the ground. It really helps me through whatever I'm dealing with.

Also great job on getting the age of scootaloo around where it is in equestria girls. Most people don't do that.

Just now getting around to commenting, I love the story.

Good for you just hang in there we can wait as long as it takes we have your back ???

Sorry those weren't question marks They were Emoji's

oh look that 50th diaper fic involving these 2 characters...

7676357 Well they do work well together. Fluttershy is the most motherly and well, kind of the group

Aww, Fluttershy makes a good adoptive aunt to Scootaloo. There's a reason I love this story, it's so freaking adorable with their relationship.:heart:

Great chapter. Lookingn forward to seeing how things develop.

I really like how Fluttershy is a doctor in this story.
It suits her.

Really cute chapter. Keep up the work.

Another awesome chapter! Glad to see you're still going at it! :D

Was that breast milk? Cause if it was...I'm cool with that. :twilightsmile:


Heh, I wasn't going to make a definitive claim on what was in the milk, at least not until later in the story. But the allusion to 'peppermint cremes' as I mentioned it, comes from the Ninja Sex Party song 'Peppermint Cremes'.


So was it was either breast milk or more likely, it was just Scootaloo fantasizing.

To be honest, Fluttershy seems a little too controlling over the past few chapters for my tastes, as Scootaloo can go to the bathroom like a big girl if she wants, Fluttershy doesn't have the right to force her to be in diapers. Now if I was a parent, and I saw that, that would raise a few eyebrows.

In the next chapter there's a little more discussion about Scootaloo and Fluttershy's relationship with each other. But there really isn't anything holding Scootaloo back from ending the whole 'baby' act. Fluttershy, being the rich women with basically unlimited time on her hands, wants to immerse Scootaloo in the toddler fantasy world her niece wishes to live in, even if it means putting her foot down occasionally.

After all, like taking care of child trying to grow up to be more independent, some times the parent has to make a harsh statement or push their kid out of their comfort zone in order to help them mature, even if it means being responsible for that child's hardships. It's less noticeable with Scootaloo because she's a young women who's grown up living a pseudo-adult life style, being pushed backwards into a more dependent/juvenile role. But, if Scootaloo wasn't partaking in acting more dependent and learning the traits of humility, she would most likely be clashing with authority and being a bit of brat like she was before her aunt met her.

This story isn't strictly about giving Scootaloo a carefree life style with her aunt. She could live that carefree life style any time by dropping the baby act and choosing to behave like a girl her age should. But because Scootaloo lacks the experience to admit fault and to not take her actions so seriously. Fluttershy offers to treat Scootaloo like a real baby as to reinforce the idea that Scootaloo is still a child needing to be taken care of and nurtured, while also taking away any sense of direct responsibility when she does something wrong. As long as Scootaloo is a baby after all, Fluttershy is ultimately the one and only person responsible for guiding her actions and teaching her right from wrong. The perspective of the rest of the world and how it sees Scootaloo is ultimately negligible.

I hope that offers some explaination as to why Fluttershy treats Scootaloo in the sometimes condescending way that she does.

7978484 Yeah, I suppose it does. Still, can you tone it down a little and have Scootaloo act a little more independent?

To be honest, the whole story seems more toned down compared to your other stories, which isn't bad because this story is actually quite entertaining! Besides, Scootaloo wanted this, and has the option to opt out at any time. I really see no reason to tone the story down even more. Haha :twilightsheepish:

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Will we be seeing a new chapter of Fluttershy the foalsitter soon?

"chuckles". Too bad this website usually doesn't have illustrations, I can half visualise this! Bit off but I'm seeing girls in overalls (shorts type for her right?) more often.

But too be serious, even though I know on the surface this is a silly/fun story something tell me Scoots in it had a rough time before and is "making up"... I'm no expert but I sense at some point some sad times are coming.

Comment posted by Darkentrophy deleted Mar 17th, 2017


I'm glad you all are enjoying the story so far. But to answer some of your concerns, I truthfully don't have any plans to turn this story 'dark'. There will be a couple of emotional moments in the future chapters, but nothing particularly rough or traumatizing. The next couple of chapters are actually pretty light hearted.

As for my other story, "Fluttershy the Foalsitter" I plan on publishing another chapter for it in early April. I'd work on it sooner, but with March being so busy for me, I've got new chapters of this story and drawings that I'm working on that are more concerning to me at the moment. That said, I am really glad you're enjoying "Fluttershy the Foalsitter" though and I promise I have every intention on continuing it!

:twilightsmile: ~England

Pancakes and Bacon, can't do without 'em. But seriously, I'm glad you did address the issue of how Fluttershy's mothering techniques must look to the rest of the world.

I think she's (Scootaloo) starting too "go with the flow" more and is going too be more comfortable in the role soon. I get the feeling she'll really get into it soon and be the baby/little girl she never got the chance too be and later become more confident with who she is/becoming.

Cleaver idea with the Epilepsy, I'm no expert on it but it'll have made sense too me like that.

Whenever I see this story pop up in my notifications, I get a little giddy. Hopefully the next chapter comes soon! :raritywink:

Ps: Dang, Fluttershy going at it with the fibs. :yay:pinkie.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/rsz/mlfw10496_medium.jpg

Interesting chapter, and I'm finally glad you're fully addressing the issue that's been glaringly obvious from the start of the story. And more cuteness, which is always nice.

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8074976 Heh, I had fun making up the product names. But for the most part, I included the bill to give some impression of how much Scootaloo's nursery changed, without going into some unnecessary poetry about the room's furniture or layout. Plus, I also wanted to give the reader a perspective of the kind of savings Fluttershy has and why she's retired. ^^

Not that I'm being pushy. I love this story, well I love both your stories but out out of curiosity. Since you said you're working on a new chapter that'll be out in 2-3 weeks when do you think you'll be working on Fluttershy the Foalsitter.

God, I remember how hard it was for me to get my hair cut when I was younger. Glad Fluttershy's having a easier time with Scootaloo.

Oliver has delivered yet again. :D

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