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To be continued...


Coco Pommel has the unintentional purpose of getting Rarity to roleplay with her during Heart's Warming Eve. While at first she's stress over her co-worker Rarity reaction, she soon welcomes the situation she got herself into.

(Warning: Padded Pony Story ^-^)

Cover Art Done By: inky-pinkie.deviantart.com

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Sounds incredibly interesting, though I have to ask, does the "Dark" tag imply that things will go beyond roleplaying during the course of this story? :twilightoops:

Coco, are you ummm...kay back there?

4965234 Something tells me she's not. Call it a hunch if you will, but she's definitely not "fine".

Not bad I like this first chapter

Great premise to the story, but I think you should get a prereader/editor for the story. I spotted a few mistakes that made me do a double take to understand the sentences.


Don't blame me for it. I was an inspiration, m'kay.

4965200 That's I wonder myself...

The Start is already good. I will give a Fav after the second chapter.

I'm just surprised it took someone this long to write a story about Coco relating to diapers. LOL

4966085 I suppose people didn't think she would get into that sort of stuff.

4966988 If there's anypony who looks like they wouldn't be into that sort of thing, it's definitely Rarity. But m p I'm not the only one who thought that Coco relating would look adorable in diapers.

4967769 You're right about Rarity. She doesn't seem like the type who would willingly get into it, especially not with somepony else.

4967773 Hence, why stories like "Rarity Invites Applejack to a Youth Club" and "Rarity and Twilight Go to the Spa" are so odd. Really, the only two characters that I can see being into this sort of thing are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

4967811 Yeah. Their natures just make it easier for them to be involved in such things. Fluttershy because she's so withdrawn and Pinkie Pie because she's so childish.

oooh... Sounds good.

Can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

poor Filly she' so timid and stressed out. And that's the first time i've heard the term stall-trained. Good story so far.

Ah Rarity Senpai -young coco

WTF K den

Still liked the story though

4969597 It's probably Japanese for something like mentor, or close friend, or boss. Your guess is as good as mine. :applejackunsure:

4969597 Sempai is how younger classmen address upper classmen in Japanese schools, its sometimes also used in work settings by newer workers to address senior workers (in anime and manga often is used to show that the younger person views the older one as a role model, or an informal mentor). It general it is a way of showing respect to persons who are older and more experienced, but are not technically your direct superiors in a formal chain of command or formal mentors or older relatives. (There are other terms of respect used to address such persons).

The grammar could use a bit of a polish but I like the idea.

And that "Dark" tag...I see things going terribly wrong later on. Maybe Rarity blackmails Coco or Coco gets "eaten" by her foalish side?

Kind of an uncomfortable read. I was expecting sweet loving mommy Rarity on Coco cuddle fic, not this series of awkward moments and bathroom habits. :unsuresweetie:

4972325 Well, it's only the first chapter. This story could go any number of ways with future chapters.

hmmm this is rather interesting, I think ill follow it for awhile to see where it goes. :twilightsmile:

I'm about to read this, and I know if it's written by Oliver, then it's gotta be good! :yay:

Seems innocent enough so far. But that "Dark" tag has to be there for a reason. So right now I'm wondering "Just how far is this gonna go?" :twilightoops:

honestly didn't see that coming. figured Coco would prefer a caretaker/mommy.

5003010 I'm more surprised that Rarity so easily accepted everything, and is even willing to embrace the RP aspects. Rarity strikes me as one that would find the world of AB/DL to be strange at first, and one who would slowly get use to it over time.

Because of her attitude and mentality, it's really hard to willingly diaper her.

Rarity seemed to accept this far too readily. It's a bit OOC of her...unless we'll be seeing a reason as to why.

Also, there's a lot of minor typos.

Well... it was a bit unexpected. But not in a bad way :pinkiehappy:

Cute update and good work. Please more^^

5010233 I'm not sure what's in that bottle, but I hope it's not foalmula. :twilightoops:

I hafta say, I really love the idea of Rarity actually joining in with Coco. I haven't read many diapy-pony fanfictions where both mares get into the ageplay.

It's a nice change. :pinkiesmile:

5013658 Well, I think the big question now is, how far are they gonna go with this?

This story has taken a turn for the best, in my opinion at least :pinkiehappy: i know that your stories tend to get sexual and i hope that this one does too but i understand if you have a different path that you want the story to follow :heart:

Great story so far. It has that 'cute cuddly' factor. Like the way Rarity is joining in. Hope it doesn't go too dark. But wouldn't mind if the playtime became more intimate.

Quite a few typos in there.

Coco was a bit of a meanie in that chapter but Rarity didn't seem to mind as much as I thought she would've. What did Rarity really expect though? She was playing baby and she knew fully well what the diaper was for. I'm also at a bit of a crossroads with this chapter. On one hand it was really funny to see Rarity wake up and try to potty like a big filly, but on the other hand what Coco did was kinda mean in not letting her know that she put laxatives in the milk.

Lets hope Rarity and Coco can still stay friends after all of this is over. Rarity is doing this for Coco though so I have no doubts about their friendship going south.

now that's how Rarity would act. But the first time with somebody present must be tough. Especially to a newbie.:raritycry:

Not for nothing Coco, but couldn't you have given Rarity a heads up about what was in the milk? As opposed to just letting her find out for herself?

I see Coco blackmailing or manipulating Rarity (hence the "Dark" tag") later on.

Also, you've got a lot of typos in the chapter. Might I suggest looking over the chapter more carefully?

5042571 Not to mention, Rarity's high standards in regards to pretty much everything.

That's it? This is the end? Feels kind of short. :twilightoops:

awwww wanted more.:raritycry:

5075550 Awe, well I might add a bonus chapter around the holidays when I'm more in the cuddly/cozy sort of mood. :twilightsmile:

Crayon, not crown.

The force lifted her into the air and brought her backwards against her will.

I like this so far.
My only gripe is your several quadrillion punctuation errors, punctuation and word agreement, spelling errors, and capitalization mistakes here and there.

That is, unless you mean to do it.

Still, I don't mind it much.

D’aww. This tale was very cute in how it gave a hint towards why one may become an adult foal. Having some background towards why Coco would want to be foolish definitely made this tale super enjoyable.

That Rarity potty scene was kind of awkward. Was she mentally regressed or something? I think she would want to get the diaper off and when Coco tells her the truth she would raise objections.

Would love to read more of this

8252912 I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I think she was trying to take off her diaper but first she had to remove her dress and was having trouble with the buttons.

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