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To be continued...


Sweetie Belle is offered to stay the summer at Fluttershy's cottage, with her sister Rarity's approval. However, Sweetie Belle's misunderstanding of what 'foal sitting' entails doesn't catch up with her until it's too late and she's forced to make the hasty decision to let Fluttershy baby her. After all, maybe it could be a lot of fun?

(Cover Done By: Jiayi)

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Overall, this first chapter was really quite enjoyable. I thought that the end of it was quite surprising, given that she does not want to be seen by others, but I suppose that—like life—some situations are just unpredictable.

Its n-not like I'm b-biased or anything. :yay: :heart:

Not a bad start, though I would have to question why Rarity wouldn't at least attempt to tell Sweetie Belle what Fluttershy wanted.

I'm really glad to see this story, as I wish there were more stories of the schoolponies, especially Sweetie Belle, being out back in diapers and babies. I wonder if Rarity will get in on it. In any case, with this being a story about Sweetie being diapered diapers and babied by Fkuttershy, you definitely have my attention, and this is a story that I will most definitely be following. I look forward to more.

Couple of mistakes here adn there but otherwise not bad.

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Well, I like where this is going so far, and I'm glad Sweetie Belle's enjoying it. :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait for the next chapter!

I'm liking this story, can't wait for more..

This is a fun story so far. Very sweet descriptions with a fun take on what it is like to be a Care Taker along with a volunteer to help one in feeling they can do it. Quite heartwarming. :)

Your name is familiar. Do you have a Deviant Art account by any chance?

7332709 Yeah, he does. He doesn't update it very much anymore though.

Love all of your stories and this one is no diffrent keep it up!!

was reading this story, when i asked myself... "why do i like it so much... who made this?" (seriously, most of the time i dont look at who the author is... sorry), then i realized it was you, I have enjoyed reading all your stories either here or on your DA, keep up the good work, dont let anyone discourage of what you do (not that you are currently being) thanks for sharing you stories with us...

good day

Seems pretty good, though I don't think Fluttershy should be forcing Sweetie Belle to use her diapers if she really doesn't want to.

Looking forward to even more baby-related stuff in the next chapter. I wonder what they'll be shopping for.

Glad to see the story continuing. The overall development is really good and getting some more insight on Flutters maternal feelings is really nice.

Well, I think if it has N1 in this story, must be N2 too (It rhymes) to be more accurate (if somepony has the urge to do pee, why she doesn't have to N2? ), even if Sweetie uses the bathroom to do it instead.

By the way, this is one of the cutest stories I saw so far! :pinkiehappy:

7431722 Depends on what Sweetie Belle's eaten and how her digestive system works. Also, N1 is much more common than N2, generally speaking. Usually you only do N2 once or twice a day, whereas you'll often do N1 many times a day.


Im just speaking this because it passed almost two days, her digestive system could have acted in this time.

7436044 Fluttershy did mention Sweetie Belle's been holding things in.

7436072 And actually, I don't think it's been a day just yet.

Scootaloo wriggled around on her diaper

A couple of times you refer to Sweetie as Scootaloo

other than that it was a good chapter.

Nice, really enjoying the story, keep it up!

Seems like Sweetie is getting more-and-more curious about all that Rarity and Flutters had in mind for her for the summer. It's so cute reading about how maternal Flutters can be.

It will certainly be fun to find out how things go after Chapter 4. There has certainly been progression along with insight on Flutters desire to be a true mom.

I think there may have been a few times in Chapter 4 where you wrote "Scootaloo" instead of "Sweetie Belle", but it didn't take away from the flow of the story. Small typos are nothing compared to an overall, well-written story that gets you thinking beyond the material being presented by the author. :)

Pretty good, I like how Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle are interacting. But I'm not sure if Fluttershy should be trying to force Sweetie Belle to use her diapers, and drink breast milk. If Sweetie Belle WANTS to do those things, that's fine, but she shouldn't feel pressured into doing them just because it's what Fluttershy wants.

U saw scootaloo a few times in 2 paragraphs. Hope you can fix them. But. My rating on this.

10 of 10

The irony in hat comment.

Hope this story's continuing.

Will this story be continued? It was just getting to the good part D:

So, is Fluttershy actually aware this is indeed an act? Because she seems to be getting a little too into the role and seems to be oblivious to Sweetie Belle's hesitation. :trixieshiftright:

I still like this story so far, but I'm fearing it might be drifting into "Pattycakes" territory with Fluttershy. :twilightoops:

7818680 Nah, trust me. This chapter is about as bad as Fluttershy is going to get. :twilightsmile:

7818782 Okay, good. Had me worried there for a little while with her behavior in more recent chapters. :eeyup:

I love this story keep it up friend.

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Comment posted by Darkentrophy deleted Mar 17th, 2017

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Hm, so Sweetie Belle blacked out and messed herself? And she wants to breastfed by Fluttershy? :trixieshiftright:

I don't know, I mean this is cute and all, but it feels like it has a creepy undertone with how much Sweetie Belle is basically being all but forced to act like a little foal. :twilightoops:

Nah, trust me there's no manipulation going on here. I felt like I missed the bar for expressing her comfort and fun in this chapter, but that's mostly due to the kind of fast-paced and admittedly choppy way I wrote the chapter. I promise you though, the next on is going to have a lot of happy bubbly Sweetie Belle. :twilightsmile:

8222776 I hope so. I mean, I'm getting it's not your intent to potray this in such a way, but that's how it's coming off to me.

A sastisfactory and sweet (if you'll excuse the pun) ending. :rainbowkiss:

I'm so glad you finished this story. It was very sweet and the way it kind of illustrated how nice it can be to know tiy cab still have some parts of a simple past that has long since past. Even being cuddled for a moment is a chance to allow your mind to go to a happier place where life isn't as stressful as it tends to become with age.

I think the way you had Sweetie Belle get into the extra TLC was nice. She, of the three, would be the most inclined to go for such a thing. scoots is too much of a tomboy and Apple Bloom is always questioning things whether they be good or bad. Sweetie seems to just want to be safe and not worrying about getting hurt nor hurting anyone else.

Very well done. So glad I got to read the whole thing.

While it's a good ending. I feel like you could've gotten a few extra chapters. Like you brought up Fluttershy breastfeeding Sweetie Belle but it was never addressed and some aspects of Sweetie being babied could've been explored more deeply. However that may be me just wanting more padded Sweetie. :twilightsheepish: However I do feel like you could make more chapters and/or a sequel with what you have in this story.

Sweet little story. I'm an amputee and burn survivor, this chapter once again makes me miss swimming. I used to love the water. Swimming, climbing trees, and riding my bike are 3 of the things I miss most.

Looks like Sweetie Belle has fully embraced being a baby! I love it! Could we maybe get a sequel where Rarity diapers and babies Sweetie Belle?


However that may be me just wanting more padded Sweetie.:twilightsheepish:

Yeah, I want more stories of Sweetie Belle being diapered and babied.

However I do feel like you could make more chapters and/or a sequel with what you have in this story.

Agreed. This ending, while not bad, just comes off as the author got tired of writing this story and decided to end it rather abruptly. There's so much more you could do with this story. You could have Rarity come around to the idea of babying Sweetie Belle, seeing as how she seems to have fully embraced it. Or you could explore Sweetie's feelings about her parents not being there for the and seeing Rarity as more of a mother than a sister. I do hope we get a sequel to this story, as it seems as if the author is finally done with this story as a whole. :pinkiesad2:


I think the way you had Sweetie Belle get into the extra TLC was nice. She, of the three, would be the most inclined to go for such a thing. scoots is too much of a tomboy and Apple Bloom is always questioning things whether they be good or bad. Sweetie seems to just want to be safe and not worrying about getting hurt nor hurting anyone else.

I agree, which is why I would love to see more padded Sweetie Belle stories.

Okay I've read a few stories like this and seen that AB/DL tag on most of them. Please can someone tell me what that means?

All I'm seeing is Sweetie Belle happily being a foal again. I don't know why some people see it like she's being forced or something. But that's just my opinion.

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