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Diamond Tiara tries out a new treatment at the spa after a mix up in schedules. Turns out it was just what she needed all along.

The title is obvious but, yeah involves wearing a diaper but no usage involved. Lots of cuteness inside :) Enjoy

on a side note; Any good cover art ideas?

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This was cute.

Loved this, it's super cute. :rainbowkiss:

so very cute and adorable

I wanna see a sequel where she invites the CMCs to join her and play more. That, and Diamond on a rocking horse in the aforementioned sequel.

BTW, Lion Tiara is totes adorbs.:pinkiehappy:

So cute! I hope you make a sequel!

This was adorable! Any chance we could get a sequel with Diamond Tiara inviting the CMC and Silver Spoon to join in the fun?

I mean it possible, not sure Diamond would want ponies ot know about this. Wonder who she even tell one the crusaders about such an activity. maybe applebloom (shrug)

8502991 I could see her inviting Silver Spoon to try it out, seeing as they're gal pals and what not.

Comment posted by Wiz Ahmad deleted Apr 10th, 2019

I guess typewriters in Equestria have a different layout than our QWERTY keyboards if it’s that easy for someone to type “foal” instead of “foam “.

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