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Recent Edits · 9:42pm August 11th

Aquick blog to just say that i've looked over a few of my recent and older stories and given them a quick editing pass. I wonder if anyone is going to notice. Oh well. Punctuation is always a tough thing for me to hammer down.

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Casual Update · 2:44am May 14th

My oh my, time dpes sire fly, I haven't released a story in months.
i'm doing alright, just you know life and stuff. May make a story for another friend of mine soon.
one or two G5 ideas sitting around still needing to be hammered out. Other than that things are pretty good.

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What do you think about this? · 9:06pm Oct 5th, 2021

Really short blog but had a brief idea of Sequel to pipboy story. LIke AJ with the Gravity Gun, or Pinkie with Portal device. Just no clue on how those would work. What do you people think? or RD with the long fall boots lol

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A Blog · 3:01am Jul 24th, 2021

:duck: Hello Darlings, hope you all are well.
Hmm, what have I been up to?. Well thinking of upgrading my PC at some point. Would be the first time I've ever built my own PC which is why I'm nervous to buy the parts.

Other than that life is fine. Hmmm, Sweetie Belle is cute in padding, then again all the crusaders are. Oh but Fluttershy is most definitely the cutest foal in the main six. Also I really love the idea of Gabby X Spike ship.

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New Year thoughts and writing stuff · 2:58am Jan 20th, 2021

:applejackconfused: Yeah, not so good at Blog post titles

Like to start with that I appreciate all the followers that I have and that you like my content. Even if some of the things I make are a bit of a dud.
I've noticed I tend to say I'll make X story then I never have or other ideas take priority. I got a bunch of half done ideas sitting around and really should finish them.

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OH, The Irony · 4:44am Sep 29th, 2020

So this is going to seem Random but it kind of funny how Dot Matrix from ReBoot, and Chrysalis are voiced by the same actress

why is that ironic. ||well in ReBoot: my two Bobs, Dot choices to marry the bob she thinks is the rela onfe..but it turns out that it was Megabyte the entire time.(he'd become a trojan horse virus..basically a shape shifter)
MLP wedding, the actress plays Chyraslis who pretended to be Cadance.||

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Hello again. · 7:20pm Sep 1st, 2020

Reading my other blogs I can see how I keep making promises of stories and then not actually getting around to them. a very bad habit for sure.. Recent stuff I'm working is a bit slow. mostly gaming is really distracting. XD Still fun just ideas are a bit clunky for me right now.

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I got my Cutie Mark! · 6:04pm Feb 28th, 2020

A good friend of mine drew my OC and look! I got my Cutie Mark now yay.

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Merry Christmas · 10:34pm Dec 24th, 2019

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are all having a great holiday season. Le'ts hope for the future and future stories .

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Happy Halloween and update. · 11:20pm Oct 31st, 2019

Firstly, happy Halloween to everypony. I sure have made a lot of "I'll get around to writing X" post haven't I?
However, plans I'm making for stories
0: a Twilight Plush TF story ill have out soonish.
1: a new idea for Derpy. A story of how she went from the caterer to the lvoing BG pony we all knwo and love.
2: That Sweetie Mime story I was talking about. just keep getting distracted.
3: A Gabby diaper trapped story.

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