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I got my Cutie Mark! · 6:04pm February 28th

A good friend of mine drew my OC and look! I got my Cutie Mark now yay.

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Merry Christmas · 10:34pm Dec 24th, 2019

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are all having a great holiday season. Le'ts hope for the future and future stories .

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Happy Halloween and update. · 11:20pm Oct 31st, 2019

Firstly, happy Halloween to everypony. I sure have made a lot of "I'll get around to writing X" post haven't I?
However, plans I'm making for stories
0: a Twilight Plush TF story ill have out soonish.
1: a new idea for Derpy. A story of how she went from the caterer to the lvoing BG pony we all knwo and love.
2: That Sweetie Mime story I was talking about. just keep getting distracted.
3: A Gabby diaper trapped story.

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Thinking back · 8:34am Oct 13th, 2019

Now that the show is officially over I’ve been thinking back to my one old story Dillans bar. If I would’ve been more active with it it probably would’ve been pretty cool. I mean I have a chapter almost finished. Although it’s not like I can be topical now with the show already over. Sigh

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Typos are magic XD · 1:11am May 27th, 2019

So while chatting on Discord i typed a litte too fast and made a bunch of spellings errors. annoying sure, but it gave me an idea for a comedy story. At least, I hope it will be funny.
Staring: Princess Sellestia, Sweatie Belle, Punkie pie, and many more XD

Also, working on Adventurer to Motherhood on my own while I can. at this rate i'll end up writing most of the upcoming chapter.

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So some updates · 12:10am May 12th, 2019

Greetings everypony, isn’t it a wonderful May we are having ? Hope everyone is having a great time.

So for those wondering where the next chapter of Adventurer to Mother is, I would just like to say that my co-author he’s very busy with school and such. It leaves him with a little time to role-play which is how the chapter is written down in Discord. Rest assured, it is coming it’s just going to take some time it is not abandoned.

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A story conundrum · 6:36am Feb 23rd, 2019

First off, 50 blog woohoo! Not that anyone ever replied to them lolz.

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November update · 11:45pm Nov 9th, 2018

First off, “Welxime to winter , no refunds. “

Had my computer fixed for a while now just never updated a blog about it. It works great.

:stories I’ve been conserving to make, I have a few. Yona and summer don’t mix too well let’s say rhat much.

9! And a possible padded story about mommy silver steam and Gallus.

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It's a fake! · 7:09pm Oct 17th, 2018

So an interesting story about my newer computer I got from my grandpa. He didn't really know any better (hell neither did i), that fake GPU's exist. I RAn GPU-Z and using the release date it gave me manage to track down what the actual card was. Turns out that so-called GTX 660 ti was actually a ... GT 420 (OEM)

Ouch! that is rip off. the old card in my old machine is better then that..and I had a Radeon card from liek 2006 i think.

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I"m happy · 11:52pm Oct 11th, 2018

First thing's first, I got my computer back yay. IT feels good to have a PC again.

Hmm, not much else to update really. I mean, i guess i could say i have more ideas for stories but i've said that a lot in the past too so nothing 'new' there.

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