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So some updates · 12:10am May 12th, 2019

Greetings everypony, isn’t it a wonderful May we are having ? Hope everyone is having a great time.

So for those wondering where the next chapter of Adventurer to Mother is, I would just like to say that my co-author he’s very busy with school and such. It leaves him with a little time to role-play which is how the chapter is written down in Discord. Rest assured, it is coming it’s just going to take some time it is not abandoned.

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A story conundrum · 6:36am Feb 23rd, 2019

First off, 50 blog woohoo! Not that anyone ever replied to them lolz.

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November update · 11:45pm Nov 9th, 2018

First off, “Welxime to winter , no refunds. “

Had my computer fixed for a while now just never updated a blog about it. It works great.

:stories I’ve been conserving to make, I have a few. Yona and summer don’t mix too well let’s say rhat much.

9! And a possible padded story about mommy silver steam and Gallus.

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It's a fake! · 7:09pm Oct 17th, 2018

So an interesting story about my newer computer I got from my grandpa. He didn't really know any better (hell neither did i), that fake GPU's exist. I RAn GPU-Z and using the release date it gave me manage to track down what the actual card was. Turns out that so-called GTX 660 ti was actually a ... GT 420 (OEM)

Ouch! that is rip off. the old card in my old machine is better then that..and I had a Radeon card from liek 2006 i think.

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I"m happy · 11:52pm Oct 11th, 2018

First thing's first, I got my computer back yay. IT feels good to have a PC again.

Hmm, not much else to update really. I mean, i guess i could say i have more ideas for stories but i've said that a lot in the past too so nothing 'new' there.

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Burnt plastic and slow writing. · 11:53pm Sep 17th, 2018

Well this stinks Not sure what’s wrong just yet but my cmputer is unusable due to something being melted. All I do know is when a computer starts smelling like burning plastic you shut it off! No fires or anything my dad still needs to open up the case to rake a closer look. :pinkiehappy: On the bright side, I had that machine for over 7 years. Thinking of upgrading anyway.

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It's a Blog · 4:52pm Aug 31st, 2018

Hope everyone is having a good month so far. I"ve been sort of sidetracked with gaming and other stuff but you know , that happens. As for Story ideas, I did have one I've been thinking over.

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Villains Bar thoughts · 4:01am Jul 5th, 2018

So despite my really slow updates to Villains Bar, it's still a very interesting idea i could keep working on. Even though i just added The stomr king and Pony of Shadow to the cast a few months later no doubt. If I wanted to do more i could make a Heros Cafe/hotel

What do you guys thing?

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A rough Month · 5:50am May 15th, 2018

Been a rather rough month. Day to day things are just fine, but it's my eye sight that had me worried.

First it was part of Boston K Pro fell out (google it it hard to really explain, in short it an artifical cornia)
was rushed to the City and had a patch job done on my eye. So now it holding stalbe until the big trip to Vancouver in the beginning of June. So been stressed and thinking of all kinds of things over the last month worrying about my vision and such.

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What i've been doing · 3:12am Apr 13th, 2018

So haven't posted anyting on my own account in a while but hav been writing with my good freind Foal Star

Check out this bookshelf for the stories. Enjoy

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