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Love to write whatever comes to mind and enjoy Brony stuff.

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  • 15 weeks
    What do you think about this?

    Really short blog but had a brief idea of Sequel to pipboy story. LIke AJ with the Gravity Gun, or Pinkie with Portal device. Just no clue on how those would work. What do you people think? or RD with the long fall boots lol

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  • 26 weeks
    A Blog

    :duck: Hello Darlings, hope you all are well.
    Hmm, what have I been up to?. Well thinking of upgrading my PC at some point. Would be the first time I've ever built my own PC which is why I'm nervous to buy the parts.

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  • 52 weeks
    New Year thoughts and writing stuff

    :applejackconfused: Yeah, not so good at Blog post titles

    Like to start with that I appreciate all the followers that I have and that you like my content. Even if some of the things I make are a bit of a dud.
    I've noticed I tend to say I'll make X story then I never have or other ideas take priority. I got a bunch of half done ideas sitting around and really should finish them.

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  • 68 weeks
    OH, The Irony

    So this is going to seem Random but it kind of funny how Dot Matrix from ReBoot, and Chrysalis are voiced by the same actress

    why is that ironic. ||well in ReBoot: my two Bobs, Dot choices to marry the bob she thinks is the rela onfe..but it turns out that it was Megabyte the entire time.(he'd become a trojan horse virus..basically a shape shifter)

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  • 72 weeks
    Hello again.

    Reading my other blogs I can see how I keep making promises of stories and then not actually getting around to them. a very bad habit for sure.. Recent stuff I'm working is a bit slow. mostly gaming is really distracting. XD Still fun just ideas are a bit clunky for me right now.

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Thinking back · 8:34am Oct 13th, 2019

Now that the show is officially over I’ve been thinking back to my one old story Dillans bar. If I would’ve been more active with it it probably would’ve been pretty cool. I mean I have a chapter almost finished. Although it’s not like I can be topical now with the show already over. Sigh

Report Zubric · 130 views · Story: The Villains Bar ·
Comments ( 3 )

I think you could still be topical.

Fanfics in their own right are alternate universes that at the same is in the same universe.

I know that sounds like a zen riddle, but I do hope you won't let the series finale stop you from from writing

I mean it won’t. Just my bar story so really far behind. Haven’t introduced cozy yet. Didn’t have a plan for where it would go.

Ah, I'm sure it can continue though, just have to go with the flow.

For example my story "a family reborn"

I wrote it before they appeared, bit just a few simple tag adds and it's still up

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