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While on a typical gem hunt with Spike, Rarity uncovers a strange alien device that turns out to be rather handy once you know how to use it.

No, this is not a Fallout Equestria crossover. Just Rarity has a pip-boy.

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Without reading the story just yet, I'm going to comment that the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System plus carrying a zillion needles with you everywhere equals bad times to assailants. (Don't ask me why the show consistently portrays her dirtying her hooves with melee combat...)

i'll track this so far but it sounds like a good read

With the CMC involved VATS would be a very useful tool

So is the stallion there due to Post-Post-Apocalypse or Dimenshional Travel?

I'm thinking something involving Pinkie Pie, the CMC, and a snowball fight would be perfect for V.A.T.S.

Rarity’s gonna be trotting armory with this!

Hadn't really thought of ever bringing up how the stallion got there, but yeah pretty much dimensional travel probably.
huh that's a neat idea actually.

I’m fascinated with this.

you go out of your way to say this isnt an Fo:E crossover, Call it a pip-boy and thus not a pip buck

so this is an original Fallout crossover then indipendent from the Fo:E mythos?

Well, VATS is literally a targeting system but it doesn't mean her target has to be living things. Maybe precision sewing made easy?

Yeah, or precision mining when searching for gems

Well, this looks promising :).

Although I do think Rarity should have informed the mayor so that they can give the remains a proper burial.

Be funny if she used VATS to pelt Blueblood with apples out of a sense of vengeance.

Also Rarity’s dialogue could do with a bit more ostentatious verbosity. Instead of “Wish I” it would be more in character if it was “Oh, I do wish I” when she is talking about the vaultsuit.

The existence of magic makes explaining VATS much easier.

She squirts a bit seeing something that looked like a number on the back of it but was unable to make it out.

... That should probably be 'squints'.

fixed, thanks.

Honestly, I've seen Rarity change outfits just as quickly without a Pip-Boy.

Couple of mistakes I caught-

Do what Rainbow? I was always eating this sundress.

I think you meant "wearing", otherwise that is one high fiber diet Rarity has.

As she trotted further along in her walk, she failed to birdie another message on the screen.

This one should be "notice" for this to make sense.

Equestria Girl Rarity lacks magic and did change outfits with impossible speed.


Inventory and quick equip. That's done.
To do:
1. Map and teleport
2. SPECIAL and stats
3. Quest
4. Level up(could be part of item 2)
5. Radio

Don’t let Twilight tweak or touch the Pip-Boy.

I think it's a bit more advanced than the Equestrians cassette tapes

Have to wonder if it will give her a karma read out.

Now to see what happens when she can raise certain skills through skill points. Granted, her Barter and Speech skills are undoubtedly pretty high though not max considering she failed the speech check when she tried to take a certain dragon's horde.:rainbowlaugh:

Considering some of the things she's done...her acts of generosity here and there ought to off set any negative karma. Best case(by which I mean funniest) scenario, hers in neutral and her reaction at such a readout.

Still puzzled on how i'd pull off skills point or level ups. that more game mechanic. Karma eh suppose that one could make sense somehow.

I'm really curious about that lil pip-boy. I wonder what other fun little things with come out of it

Rarity is a good girl. You stopped a hired tug from blowing up a city by applying your womanly charms.+ 50 karma

Cue the Troll Guy theme. Rarity is now a confirmed troll.

VATS is last..not sure how long it's going to be though.

VATS has been quite easily explained before. Most say the PiP-boy connects to your nerves and temporarily high jacks them to show the VATS screen. But yeah, connects through nerves.

The Pip-Boy would be nifty for earth ponies as well, though knowing Pinkie, she’d- actually I’d rather NOT think about what she would do if she got her hooves on it. Twilight on the other hand would just dismantle it and research all the magic stuff that came with it. Smart as she is, Twi’s a book and knowledge hoarder.

Tis is good read

The fast travel in Fallout 3/NV/4 is actually rather interesting, it does pass time in between travels, though that only matters if you have time sensitive perks/buffs, and the way it calculates it is if you were going at a walking pace there in a straight line, even if that line would put you through obstacles.

I'd laugh if she meets the mysterious stranger. (I'm telling you twilight this stallion pops outta nowhere when I'm in vats at home then when the energy runs out hes gone along with half the fridge contents.)


Don't forget about the whole level up system, as well as the SPECIAL/Skill system.

Whoops seems I didn’t check very well. Mistakes should be fixed. I hope

I kinda want this to happen. But I am loving how this story plays out.

Fun fact: pip-boy is actually half acronym, PIP stands for Personal Information Processor, as far as I know boy is just there because.

What do you mean? There's nothing mysterious about the Stranger. We all know he's actually Pinkie Pie in a trench coat, fedora, and fake mustache.

The mystery is solved... or is she miss fortune from fallout new vegas.

One of 'em is Pinkie while the other is Cheese Sandwich. There's no telling which is which, though; they're crazy enough that I could see either one of 'em in either role. Or maybe Pinkie is both. Dangit, why are you making me apply logic to Pinkie Pie?!

Fast travel in modern games doesn't skip time, it's like Rarity would travel all the way to Canterlot but from her perspective she won't remember any of it.

Think of V.A.T.S as an magically assisted aimbot, that what it actually reduced to in Fallout 76.

Si, lo disfrute aunque fue corto.

And everything ends well. Right up until Twiggles gnaws Rarity's leg off to study the Pipboy.

Reading this fic made me remember a fic where Twilight was sent to the wrong hell. I don’t think anything can torment her because she’s too smart for that.

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